TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

Go inside tension-filled Korean DMZ

Claiming they will soon be engaged in a war with South Korea, North Korean officials are advising foreigners to leave the region. Pyongyang is expected to carry out a show of force with a missile that will land in the ocean. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>>> we are following a new threat out of north korea . a warning for all foreigners to leave south korea . richard engle is in seoul once again. good morning, richard .

>> reporter: good morning, hoda. more rhetoric. we just returned from the dmz, the demilitarized zone along the north korean border. the good news is we saw no signs that a military conflict is coming but mostly cloudy is continuing its brinksmanship. if a war were coming you would see it in these cold mountains. south korean troops today patrolled the so daul-called demilitarized zone . on one side 30,000 south korean soldiers back by nearly 30,000 american troops on the peninsula. across the valley, 70% of north kor korea's million man army. the two sides monitor each other closely we were required to dress in uniform. we were the first journalist aloud on this outpost. because of the latest tension south korean forces have been ordered to a heightened state of readiness. here that means watching for suspicious activity by north korean forces. so far nothing. south korean officials expect pyongyang will carry out a show of force miles away from here with a missile launch. officials tell nbc news the missile is expected to land in the sea, most likely between japan and guam and could happen very soon. north korean television today caused foreign tourists in the south to prepare for evacuation, apparently more bluster. south korean troops say they are ready either way. analysts here expect after the missile launch north korea , of course, will declare victory but then will probably pull back from the brink and see if it accomplished anything from all of this. matt?

>> richard engle in seoul again for us this morning. thank you as always. on a