TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

Margaret Thatcher to have Westminster service

Though Margaret Thatcher will not be given a state funeral, a service held in her honor at Westminster Abbey will be followed by a televised funeral a day later at St. Paul’s Cathedral. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> flags were at half-staff across great britain as that nation remembers former prime minister margaret thatcher . the queen authorizing a certificaceremo everyone nial funeral.

>> reporter: her funeral will be held next wednesday. the queen and prince phillip will attend. thatcher is considered to be one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century but it will not be a state funeral . a friend quoted said she didn't want one, knew wibt wasit would be a waste of money. margaret thatcher not one to always follow the rules. even when her advisors disagreed according to the rules of history here a state funeral is for monarchs, although winston churchill was honor with one. that doesn't mean there won't be an outpouring on a grand scale .

>> it will be a massive funeral and she was a great friend of america, a great friend of freedom.

>> reporter: according to her own issues she will not lie in state. there's a service at westminster before the day of the funeral. she will be cremated. how controversial is thatcher still today? news of her passing brought out the highest praise.

>> margaret thatcher was a revolutionary and a liberator.

>> reporter: in glasgow jubilant dancing in the streets. in some blighted by closing of mines that her policies closed people didn't hold back. some front pages today had no words, this one "loved, hated, never forgotten." shortly after her funeral her authorized biography will be published something she planned to come out after her death. she was unafraid to be unpopular to get things done and once when asked who wears the pants in your family and she said i do and i wash and iron them too.

>> tony blair served as prime minister of great britain from 1997 to 2007 . he joins