TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Try Curtis Stone’s healthy pasta with clams, spinach

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how you can make a tasty, affordable and healthy pasta dish with clams, radishes and spinach that your family (and your taste buds) will love.

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>>> we're back and cooking with celebrity chef and father of the year, curtis stone who now knows what it's like to be a busy parent with little time to cook and he broughts some clams and i'm starting.

>> curtis' new book is called "what's for dinner?" delicious recipes for a busy life.

>> we've already started.

>> what are we making?

>> it's from the first chapter of the book, motivating mondays, we ate and drank too much over the weekend. so this is healthy eating. you start off with shallots, garlic, lemon pepper and bay leaves . and you niwant it nice and hot. a little bit of olive oil . you smell it straight away. and you drop in some clams.

>> those babies cook quickly. you get the intense heat and a little of your favorite, white wine , that goes in.

>> now thit doesn't help if you put in expensive white wine , it doesn't help it one bit.

>> no, it doesn't.

>> speaking of that --

>> she has been up since 3:00, so this is her happy hour. i don't want you to have to drink alone because it's rude.

>> now they start to open up. once they do, you remove them and you put them into a bowl, just like this and you're left with the juice. which is a white wine and the natural juices that came out of the clams, turn it right up so you get a nice rapid boil on it. and cook some whole wheat angel hair pasta .

>> why whole wheat?

>> it's healthier.

>> anti-oxidants, minerals. there's a lot of health benefits and we're keeping the portion reasonable.

>> that's the problem, isn't it?

>> well, there's eight ounces, for a portion of four and fill it up with veggies, we've got lots of baby spinach. we've got some radishes and you crank the heat right up.

>> this is really good.

>> once you sort of pick up the pasta over the spinach it will start to wilt down.

>> it wouldn't take too much.

>> and you get the clams back in.

>> and then literally like a minute, that pasta, which is warm or hot when you put it in, is heated right through and it all comes together.

>> you never eat a clam or any shellfish that's not opened all the way, right?

>> that's not true.

>> tell us why not? i hate wasting them.

>> you can break them open and eat them raw, all mollusks, you've got to work a little bit harder.

>> but it didn't pop open for one reason.

>> i always thought that's nature's way of saying, it's bad.

>> the little clam is still in there holding on to its shell.

>> i want to show you the desserts.

>> there's a chapter in the new book about chocolate chunk pecan cookies and a banana cream parfait with a gingersnap streusel.

>> i want to make a point about this cookie, it's filled with -- try a bite of it.

>> it's so, these are the most delicious cookies ever.

>> curtis, we wish you good luck with the book, what's it called again?

>> what's for dinner.