TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Kim Kardashian shows off her baby bump

Michelle Beadle of “Access Hollywood” fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on hot gossip topics: Kim Kardashian sharing a picture of her baby bump, a possible due date for Will and Kate’s baby, and Jay-Z and Beyoncé causing quite a stir with their trip to Cuba.

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>>> all the latest celebrity gossip.

>> from halle berry 's baby news to beyonce and jay-z's hot havana nights. michelle beetle can fill us in.

>> you look great.

>> tell us about --

>> from your prior visit.

>> hally berry, yes, 46 years old, not that you would ever guess she's 46 years old. but pregnant with her second baby. the first with mr. olivier. you get to see a little baby bump action. she's so little that it can be a sandwich. but we know for a fact, it has been confirmed that she's ready to go, number two, already.

>> and the baby is due in six months.

>> in about six months.

>> a lot of babies coming up.

>> how about pregnant kim k.

>> i think that kim kardashian has finally got the pictures to show us all.

>> she showed a little --

>> there's covered up. there's not. this is what i think. i think she's been ripped so much for being fat that now she's got a full-on baby bump, she's showing it.

>> and she's very excited about it.

>> she's busting. yes, she is.

>> so the duchess of cambridge, we've been wondering about her due date .

>> now we know, mid july. they're being very candid. they answer questions as they come. if it's a boy they're going to name it after phillip. which will be nice.

>> and she's been cute, she said i'm due in mid july, but then again, babies kind have their own agenda.

>> she's not going to have a planned, anything?

>> it doesn't sound like it.

>> real people.

>> this coaused a lot of hubbub.

>> beyonce and jay-z are in cuba.

>> there are rules you can still go to cuba if it falls under certain qualifications.

>> if you're helping. no one really knowes if they had any of those set rules. they've angered some of the political types down in florida who are not happy with the fact. they think they're being used as propaganda. they were celebrating their five-year anniversary. it kind of looks like they're enjoying their time in havana .

>> a very touchy subject to an awful lot of people in florida.

>> in even in havana , they can't stay away from the paparazzi, right?

>> tell us about the movies, what hit and what missed.

>> i don't understand how "the evil dead " is a scary movie . i guess we were ready for something scary to come out. because it broke out huge success over the weekend it fell in between "halloween" back in the day. it's a remake. but it's funny, i think the mindset a lot of us are in. it was a little surprising to see the gore and the scare.

>> i hate movies like that. i hate them.

>> but jurassic park 3 -d" also came out.

>> for us in new york it was the first nice weekend we had in a long time. i think the younger generation, not 100% sure about jurassic park .

>> i was.

>> that was terrifying to begin with. remember the guy was on the potty. can you imagine if you saw that in 3-d?

>> and i'll come over and kidnap your dog and we can have a play date .

>> what's your dog's name?

>> leroy jenkins and blake, hanging