TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Eva Longoria: ‘Ready for Love’ is dating 2013-style

Actress Eva Longoria is the executive producer of the new “Ready for Love,” and tells TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that she hopes the show will be a modern and contemporary approach to dating. Joining her, the three guys looking for love say they depend on the show’s matchmakers to help them find true romance.

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>> in action.

>> even your mother?

>> even your mother.

>> oy!

>>> we are back with more of "today" and this fun monday, with megastar --

>> yes, she is.

>> eva longoria , taking a behind-the-scenes role as executive producer of nbc's new reality series , "ready for love."

>> the show is about three guys in search of the one, determined to find her and lots of beautiful and available women. eva longoria are here with her three handsome men. and nice to see you all again.

>> thank you.

>> you were visiting with us --

>> a year ago.

>> why do you take a year to bring the show to fruition?

>> we wanted to con temorrize and modernize the show and make it more authentic. first things first, women have to know who the guys are. we introduced them on the " today show ." these are the guys, these guys are ready for love. we started the process of finding the matchmakers and the women.

>> sometimes love takes time .

>> it probably doesn't happen during an episode.

>> i do think what's interesting about the show is these guys all want to get married, is that right?

>> well, no, happily ever after. it could mean a lot of things. it could mean engagement, marriage.

>> which is the one who wants to be married?

>> they all want to be --

>> just like the goal, a happy marriage, not just married.

>> there's a lot of fun things about this show that make it different from other shows.

>> the biggest difference is the three different matchmakers with three different philosophies on love and approaching dating. we have the guy's point of view and how to get the guy and tracy, who is this great author about you know, about love and what women do wrong and then amber kelliher who also is this world-renowned matchmaker.

>> we have a little history with her.

>> yes, we do.

>> we'll tell you about that at the commercial break.

>> it gets interesting with the kelliher.

>> tell us about the girls, the women. and it's whittled down to four very quickly. one gets bounced before you even lay eyes on her.

>> she was 12 and it's i mean the amazing experience, the first night, there's 12 girls and some unexpected things happen. one of my exes was there.

>> was she one of the 12.

>> she said you're the one that got away. that's a big surprise, you don't hear that kind of thing.

>> now --

>> the hard part would be trusting whether she's just saying that because the cameras are going. how can you guys trust that what these women are saying is real?

>> well i think that -- that comes in with the matchmakers. we sign onto the show, counting on the matchmakers and with high expectations of them going to find the girls that are a right fit and compatible.

>> okay.

>> they've been vetted.

>> you've got a big survey, you said everything you like and want in a woman.

>> it's an awkward process.

>> tell us why. why is that weird?

>> everything from skin color to like -- butt size.

>> we're going to get to that.

>> you were married before.

>> i was married before.

>> why do you think this go-round will be different with these girls?

>> again like these guys said, i have to trust the matchmakers that they brought the right girls for us to date. because i was happily married for a long time. and when that failed, that really like turned me upside-down. so this was a unique process to me.

>> you're on the road a lot as a musician with the plain white tees .

>> that's going to be complicated.

>> we can all tell you it works. the matchmakers, it makes a big difference.

>> the girls help us out. during the process, we're constantly getting feedback from them as well.

>> we should point out, we keep seeing giuliana and bill rancic . they had so much fun on the show, they're the hosts.

>> she was like, no.

>> she was spending a lot of time with joe rivers, she doesn't take any gulf off of anybody any more.

>> unfortunately we can't play our little test we were going to play with you. like bust size , small or large? never mind.

>> tim said yes.

>> it premiere s tomorrow night.