TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Howie Mandel: New ‘AGT’ is always ‘surprising’

Howie Mandel is back as a judge for the eighth season of “America’s Got Talent.” He tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that he and the other judges don’t always agree, which makes for an interesting show that has crazy moments, including a contestant who almost got bit by a poisonous snake.  

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>>> nbc's hit show and how we love to say that "america's got talent" is starting its eighth season with some outrageous performances and two new judges.

>> and howard stern and howie mandel . with mel b. and heidi klum . and this year promises to be the best ever. take a look.

>> that's what it said in the press release.

>> take a look. whoa!

>> don't worry, i have heidi.

>> don't, don't.

>> what happened?

>> i don't want to tell you, you got to watch. but that was real. i got to tell you, just according to that -- they have the, the emergency room on standby with anti-venom serum. they have to have a guy backstage call the second that this guy was going to do the trick of the because if he got bit --

>> how much time would he have? he got ten minutes to get to the hospital. but if someone else came in with a snakebite and he could die.

>> how many snakebites are you going to get?

>> texas.

>> okay, then that's a possibility.

>> it is, this year they pushed the envelope so far, where people could actually, there's another one we're not showing, that i thought i was watching death -- i don't even want to go into it but you're going to see things this year that you've never --

>> are you happy with this change? because --

>> with the change?

>> well people going to the edge like that. is that making --

>> the thing is you, think where is -- am i ever going to be surprised? i've watched the show, even though i've only been on it for four years, i've watched it from the beginning. there's always something surprising. people will push the envelope.

>> what about the judges, this change it is you up with heidi and mel b. how is the chemistry different with you guys.

>> it's always great to have a ton of sexiness and that kind of appeal and then we add mel and --

>> i think it's great. i think the more the merrier. we are four people who are coming at it from four different angles. who each have their place, you know, mel b. obviously one of the biggest pop stars of all-time with the spike girls. who knows the music business and marketing. and heidi klum who is a brilliant entrepreneur and knows fashion and lived with a music person and knows the business. we're all very strong personalities who respect each other's opinion. we don't agree a lot.

>> you don't. that's a good thing.

>> that adds a lot of spice.

>> who's the one who lays it down --

>> what happens is that each of us are so opinionated that it changes and it's surprising. ball i'll look over and i'll think, you don't like that? i thought that she would love that. and then she hates it and doesn't want to see more of it. and i would think -- and people would think that i hated something and i loved something. it's really surprising. behind the desk and on stage.

>> and the most exciting thing this year is we are bringing it in new york city at radio city music hall .

>> that's cool.

>> to be on the stage it's a highlight for my own personal career. i think on all the shows you say you're going to hollywood or you're going to new york, but you're really going to new york.

>> it doesn't get better than that.

>> and that's it.

>> we're in town right now. come see us at the hammerstein -- ballroom. we're doing additions.

>> and your house is still for sale?

>> in malibu.

>> 10% off if you say you saw it right here.

>> love you.

>> all right.

>>> "america's got talent" premieres june 4th here on nbc.