TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

7 ways to achieve celebrity-level beauty

Glamour magazine’s Andrea Pomerantz Lustig reveals some of the secrets to celebrity beauty, explaining how to get shiny hair, tan without streaks, and avoid dark circles under your eyes.

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>> love you.

>> all right.

>>> "america's got talent" premieres june 4th here on nbc.

>>> the celebrity secrets to flawless beauty up next. 6.

>>> time for today's beauty and getting the flawless look and getting tips from today's most beautiful celebrities.

>> we're here with celebrity secrets . we have the contributing editor for "glamour" and she's wearing apparently all of her secrets today.

>> you are.

>> i'm decked out in a ponytail and all the secrets. i have to tell you when i got out of my car. the paparazzi started taking my picture. so i'm nobody.

>> no, you're not.

>> they knew it was you.

>> i think often you think when you want to have some of these secrets, it's going to cost you a lot of money.

>> did doesn't have to cost a lot. all of the things i'm talking about you can get at the drugstore.

>> dark eye makeup. we look like we're going clubbing, we look trashy. taylor swift , what does she do? she wears the black liner, we all love it and need it. she smokes out her eyes. i'm going to show you, she smokes it with a color. so remember smoky is a technique, not a color. so don't wear black. can you wear black liner, but not black shadow .

>> how about the glowing skin and shiny hair, that's what i want.

>> this is what i call you know, everyone wants to know why do celebrities glow? is it in their dna?

>> no. this is the blush sandwich. the secret to the faux glow, a little highlighter right here, the blush in the apples of your cheek and a bronzer underneath.

>> why is she glowing on her bosom.

>> that's the other secret.

>> what makeup doesn't start, doesn't stop at your neck. for celebrities it goes all the way down. she's got some glow here. can you take a moisturizer and put a little shimmer powder in that and you can get the glow.

>> i do that.

>> what about her hair? the roots?

>> we'll talk about blake lively 's roots, i got this dip from her hair colorist. why can celebrities rock the roots and we look trashy when we rock the roots. the secret is they blend their own color into the mix of highlights. something can you do and ask our colorist to do. when it grows out, there's no line. can you also hide your roots with dry shampoo.

>> okay. tanning. tanning, celebrities believe it or not, they have people who come to their house and do the tan before they go to bed. you, the big secret is a tanning mitt whext you put on your self-tanner --

>> a what?

>> a mitt. a microfiber mitt. can you go to the car wash and get a microfiber cloth and you want to after -- after you put on the tanner, rub it in and that's a secret to a streakless self-tan.

>> tell us about dark circles .

>> do we have beyonce?

>> that's miranda kerr .

>> this is a celebrity getting off the plane, miranda kerr . a lot of celebrities do is the black, the glasses hide the circles, but you can also wear eye masks on plane underneath.

>> draw a mustache on her.

>> and nobody knows what's under there and you wake up from your plane ride without excess baggage.

>> thank you.