TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

KLG says Frank is ‘appalled’ by Rutgers controversy

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talk about the funny Melissa McCarthy hosting “Saturday Night Live,” where she poked fun at “The Voice” and the Rutgers basketball controversy. KLG says that her husband, former athlete and sportcaster Frank Gifford, is appalled by the Rutgers incident and never had any coach put his hands on him during his football career.

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>>> hey, everybody, it's fun-day monday, it's april 8th , so glad you're here with us today and really glad you could find it in your busy schedule to spend a little time with me. cheating on me. with matt lauer .

>> who doesn't want to do that? little early bird day today.

>> what time did momma get up this morning.

>> you know what's weird? i had to walk the dog -- the dog, blake, at 3:10 in the morning.

>> that's the part i like.

>> he didn't want to go.

>> he looked at me, he laid out flat, spread eagle and looked up at me with his tail wagging like -- what? he turned into a human, like a walking vacuum cleaner. when i walk him down the street, he's scooping everything up.

>> he smokes?

>> he's a cigarette smoker.

>> i've been taking videos of him.

>> can we see him? he's so cute.

>> look, look. blaky, what, what did you want?

>> it's a good thing he likes your choice of music.

>> that's it, that's what you shot?

>> i keep shooting. i hope he's not getting crazy.

>> so you spent the entire weekend with him, right?

>> i did.

>> and how was it?

>> it was really sweet. we went to the park. this is the time i have to every three hours he has to go out. and then i have to clean up.

>> he's smarter than you are, hoda, he knows you shouldn't be getting up at 3:00 in the morning.

>> he was not having it.

>> and once you got him out there, he would go number one, and nothing else, right?

>> yes, and i've been worried. i'm texting the dog walker .

>> how do you like motherhood?

>> i like it. we got a lot of mail about our five-year anniversary show. and some people sent in you know, pictures and nice notes and stuff. and this --

>> two in particular caught our eye.

>> look at these two. these are mickie lee and laura.

>> we are two good friends celebrating your anniversary wearing our illinois version of fashion. you two are such a riot.

>> thank you, guys.

>> and we got a nice phone call from jim bell , who had been originally our executive producer and that was nice. and --

>> a lot of other stuff. just one picture, and the phone call . but you know who was having some fun with you?

>> i only hear, but i didn't --

>> i didn't see it, either. i got a nice little email from brian williams pointing out that you were -- spoofed a little and had some fun with you or something happened with martin short.

>> who hasn't?

>> martin short was on david letterman the other night.

>> whom we adore. let's see if we still do.

>> he claimed that he was the new singing spokesperson for carnival.

>> yes.

>> let's see what he had to say.

>> i'm the new singing and dancing spokesperson for carnival cruise line .

>> good gig, honestly, nice going.

>> i'm kind of the new kathie lee without the crippling chardonnay addiction. if you could see me now out on the fun ship cruise the carnival advantage it's on the news sometimes the engine stops and we're set adrift and we're rightside up like an italian cruise ship i think we're going to enjoy a prom tu fist fight when the bar runs dry and if the plumbing is on the fritz you'll get a bucket while we're towed in to st. kitts

>> the cost of cruia cruise line is also owned by carnival. it's been a rough couple of years.

>> if you need a laugh this weekend, "snl" was the place to be.

>> by the way, it's not crippling chardonnay, it's pinot grigio .

>> she's got a new movie coming out with sandra bullock called the heat. in one skit she plays the contestant on "the voice" which i thought was hysterical. let's watch that one. don't mess with my tutu don't mess with my too-too i'm done. [ cheers and applause ]

>> well i think you could be the biggest star on the planet. run away that's why i'm putting both legs up for you, girl.

>> kc, i want to know, do you have the confidence and competitive spirit to win this competition?

>> i don't know what you just said.

>> where do you live, darling?

>> i live in the basement except there's no roof.

>> uh-huh, okay. you talking about a hole.

>> yes, i live in a hole . right.

>> how about that, that's pure country.

>> oh, you love him, anyway, don't you?

>> i do love him anyway. there was one other great, i love this skit when she played a, a woman version of --

>> of the rutgers basketball coach.

>> this was so funny, check it out.

>> outside the lines of practice video showing exactly how far she has gone. throwing bricks at them.

>> guess what, bricks.

>> threatening them with a baseball bat .

>> you take that ball and put it through that hole and i won't hit you with the bat.

>> while they're on roller skates.

>> come on.

>> why would you throw a toaster at a player.

>> because when someone blows by you, you're toast. when you get toast and you are toast, you get hit with a toaster. et cetera not like a drove a golf cart through practice.

>> but she had.

>> dribble, dribble, quick feet, quick feet.

>> you don't move i'm going to barrel you. yeah, move, move.

>> she is crazy.

>> having a little fun with it. okay.

>> and there's a serious side to that. there's a lot of people watching the coach, and wondering if that's how professional or college or whatever coaches teach. like whe you watch football, sometimes you watch football games from the sidelines and you see coaches get riled up.

>> very emotional. you know what i was asking frank about it, of course he played during a different time. they had some of the greatest coaches in the history of any sport 678 people like tom landry and vince -- and he -- lombardi and he said -- never, not once in all of his years did one coach ever put a hand on him. he said they get up in your face and they yell. but he said, they didn't have to, we knew what they expected. he's appalled by it. but you see it in little league now.

>> yeah.

>> it's just -- it's the breakdown of our entire culture.

>> i think it is, and i think it's a generational thing. the guy who taught us, was our basketball coach was the football coach and he used to pound the guys on their shoulder pads and get them riled up. so when he was coaching us, we were totally turned off. we weren't going to have that at all.

>> i want to send some love out to a couple of people over the weekend. people say did you have a nice weekend and you got to be honest and you say, you know what, i had a tough weekend. dear friends of mine up in massachusetts, i want to send my love to mike and lisa, have been going through a very rough time. their beautiful family and our friends kay and rick warren who lost their son on friday, who to a suicide and i just have been battling that a little bit. you know when these painful things happen to people you love so much. you just got to be there for them. but we'll send all of our love to them.

>> a lot of love.

>> so i'll get through this.

>> definitely you will.

it was probably not a good time to be reading this terrific new book, which is one of my favorite, this is my favorite thing today. i've always very much appreciated this lady. diane ladd , fantastic actress and mother of laura dern . and she sent me a couple of weeks ago her brand-new collection of ten short stories, "a bad afternoon for a piece of cake ." $12.50 at she's from the south and i like good southern writers. it can get overwhelming if they're not really, really good. you get just carried away by every one of these characters she writes. if you're looking for some very, very good writing by a terrific actress who actually happens to also be a great writer -- yes.

>> here's mine. this is --

>> this is the ultimate blush brush. because a, it's little , it fits in your bag, even in mine. the bristles don't fall off. it's by sephora. it's the kabuki 50, it's $24, and you think you can buy one for $10 at the drug store . this one is soft and you know sometimes the bristles are on your face.

>> especially when they're black, got black hairs hanging off your face.

>> we have enough of those.

>> my favorite thing is the hourglass lip serum. it's a little pricey, about $40. but you'll never run out. you put one dab in the morning and it lasts all day.

>> she puts it underneath the lip stuff and it literally lasts, i've always had chapped lips.

>> you made out with max, your boyfriend, for three hours, it would still last?

>> we did try that. and it's still here.