TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

How to pull off tricky spring fashion trends

From peekaboo pieces and plunging necklines to mixed prints, there are lots of ways to be fashion forward this season. But if you need a little help pulling off some of the hottest styles, Amy Goodman of is here to help.

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>>> tricky spring fashion trends . amy goodman request fashion editor of the first is the cutout which is all the rage, certainly on trend. not everybody feels they can wear it. what is the trick?

>> for anybody at home cutouts, i don't want to wear that, this is beautiful because it's the sheer cutout. you have a combination of two trends. she calls this sexy and sweet, this is nordstrom, and when you have that much visual drama, go simple with your accessories, she has earrings for nine bucks and great nude pumps that extend her leg from zappos and all of my models wear shoes by today.

>> she looks great. next we have the postcard print which i guess if you have a favorite city it's a great way to wear that with pride. here we see this on heather.

>> this is everywhere from matthew williamson to victoria beckham . the post guard print is where your eyes will go. heather has wonderful gorgeous legs and, it whittles her waist down, accented with the belt. solutions that stick are like fashion tapes that are adjustable which we use to keep her strapless dress up.

>> a lot of people don't love strapless because they feel it's going to fall down. thank you very much. next is the brocade trend and ashley is showing us a different version of that.

>> yes, so brocade traditionally is very stiff, and it's also has a sheen to it. all of the above expand you. in this case a little trick of the eye with a printed brocade top, and to counterbalance the flowiness of the top a skinny pant by simply vera, vera wang and to go with the bow heemian feel we've got going, this beautiful tassel necklace as well.

>> she looks great, thank you so much, ashley. black and white would you think that would be an easy trend that anybody could wear, sometimes it doesn't look right.

>> this is one that women absolutely go to because black and white is simple to pull out of your closet. the trick is to have accessories that work with black and white and pick one color that's your punch color. here we embrace a big red and the macy's dress beautifully locks on her. when you have pattern that is evenly distributed from head to toe is swimming. we're about simple solutions that make wearing fashion all the more easier.

>> she looks great. thanks so much, lisa. and finally talking about the plunging neckline and mixing prints. we've got all of that going on here.

>> mixing prints, the beauty of this separate top and bottom they're meant to go together even though the prints are different.

>> you're seeing a lot of that mixed pedia.

>> exactly and the plunging neckline she's well endowed, she has a zipper that can be adjusted so just enough skin to bring the attention up to her face. with the high/low neckline no matter what your age the high hits you at a place where you're comfortable, slightly above the knee, at the knee, below the knee and for a more mature woman a more gentle asymmetrical style.

>> ladies thank you, you look magnificent.