TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Do you have treasures around the house?

TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky and Kate Waterhouse of Heritage Auctions show how you can make money by selling items you may find at flea markets or even in your very own home.

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>>> on today's money" finding money around your house, not the change under the cushions. this is the stuff you've inherited or bought at a flea market and wondered how much it's worth and natalie is going to find out whether or not she can retire right here on the airbased on something she dug out of her own home.

>> that's not happening. jean chatzky "today's" financial editor and kate waterhouse an appraiser for heritage auctions.

>> good morning.

>> last time we did this your husband's comic book collection was worth quite a bit. comic strip art is hot and we have an example of that. tell me about this.

>> tommy from nevada actually bought this at a garage sale for $1. the artist on it is from a comic strip called " jungle jim ." the artist is alex raymond who went on to draw flash gordon . i think we an inkling this might be worth something.

>> it's a noted artist. but it's worth a lot.

>> take a look, what do you think?

>> it needs a little restoration, you can see that around the corners and typically we expect that to an extent with these sort of pieces. i would say on any given day probably about $2,000 worth restoration.

>> wow.

>> really?

>> with restoration almost as much as $5,000 so the price really increases.

>> what would a restoration cost somebody if they want to get it up to $5,000, is that expensive?

>> it's about a couple hundred dollars. so worth it, absolutely.

>> $1 investment, not too bad. now this is cool because this isn't something from a garage sale . it turned up in an attic from a previous home own per

>> jackie and her family moved into this house in ohio that was previously owned by the armstrong family, parents of neil , up in the attic they found some of neil 's old term papers, not so interesting but they also found this airplane, and because of the fact that he was the first guy on the moon, the airplane is really interesting, but there's all this paperwork that's important, right, kate?

>> in this instance we wanted to show you guys what good provenance looks like. the newspaper with the armstrong drive so the street was named after him and we already have a photo that's been signed of the house by neil armstrong .

>> wow.

>> the owner actually wrote to neil and asked if he would mind doing that for her. he had no problem with it whatsoever, and there's all sorts of great paperwork that goes with it. i love it is a plane and not a teddy bear or truck. obviously speaks to his passions.

>> that said, how much is that toy perhaps worth ?

>> probably about $2,500.

>> wow. that's great.

>> incredible.

>> not bad for something you found in the attic. let's move on to our next item, coin collecting is huge for people.

>> this showed up --

>> jean was a big coin collector . not surprising.

>> this coin showed up in a box that gary in arizona received from his father when his father died, just a box of coins. he dug this one out, it's really old.

>> it's an american coin?

>> it was minted here in philadelphia on the east coast . what's interesting about coins, though, is that unfortunately age doesn't necessarily mean anything so you can have a really old penny but it's how rare the coin is and then the condition. this is in great condition. what it was used for was trade in china, taken wasn't struck while it was in china so it's worth more in the condition it's in, about $150.

>> which is great. interesting.

>> and now the moment we've been waiting for, this painting, first of all natalie where did you get the painting?

>> at a consignment store in connecticut near where i used to live and i believe it's the old mill river from new haven on the back, and the artist is eugene avery on the right-hand side. that's all i really found out about it. i don't know when it was painted. it looks like sort of mid century.

>> yes. i would agree with that. it's nice you can figure out who it's signed by. sometimes the 6signatures are hard to discern. this was not an artist on our website and so we would consider it probably decorative value which means it's a beautiful piece to decorate the wall, under $150 in value.

>> eh. there you go.

>> she's coming to work tomorrow.

>> it's less than what i paid for it. the necklace. in a shoe box .

>> "costume" jewelry, it's real.

>> it is real, it was wonderful. she pulled it out and was curious about it and it's absolutely beautiful, french, circa 1870 and probably worth $10,000.

>> now that would be amazing.