TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Klum on saving son from rip tide: ‘You never know’

The German supermodel talks with Matt Lauer about saving her 7-year-old son, Henry, and one of his nannies, after the two were swept away in a large riptide.

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>> the headlines recently, heidi, you went to hawaii, had a problem with a rip tide , your 7-year-old and two nannies got caught, everybody okay?

>> everyone is fine, thank you. just shows new life you never know what's going to happen. in one second everything is fine and all of a sudden the next second your son is like swooshed by a wave and in the ocean but you know it's very good my children started to learn how to swim at 2-year-old, strong swimmers and in a few seconds he came out.

>> and your top fell off in the middle.

>> what i learned from this is --

>> in a rescue wear a tight top, matt.

>> doesn't matter apparently she has blurry nipples.

>> you know, that was meant to be sincere, it just went in the wrong direction. howard, heidi, mel, howie, nick,