TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Top weekend Google searches: ‘Mad Men,’ Final Four

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg breaks down a few of the hottest Google searches of the weekend, including the sixth-season premiere of “Mad Men,” prom hairstyles, and the NCAA Final Four.

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>>> we're back now at 8:45. what were you busy searching for online this weekend? daniel sieberg is here to break things down. nice to have you here. welcome back.

>> good morning, matt, thank you.

>> these were some of the topics that peaked over the weekend, one of them is natural, "madmen" season six.

>> so season six started last night but even over the course of the last couple of days we've seen people searching for all kinds of things, not just when the season is about to start but the kind of culture and buzz around the show itself, the characters. last night's episode could be summed up in hawaii, heart attacks and hell.

>> if you're a producer of this show you got to be happy about the fact after five seasons, entering the sixth people are still buzzing about it.

>> it's been about a year since season five ended and people are interested.

>> one of the other topics that got a lot of attention, lilly pulitzer , fashion designer, 81 years old. are you surprised people are googling her?

>> people were curious to know a number of things, first of all, who is she, what was she known for, the bright floral dresses she created when she went to florida in the 1950s and '60s and the dresses were meant to disguise the juice stains. it spanned generations.

>> a lot of sports attention this weekend, the ncaa final four, now down to two, and they got a lot of attention on google as well.

>> the finals tonight. over the weekend a search around the final four but in particular around the michigan wolverines we saw a search around tim hardaway jr. whose father played in the nba for many years so we saw not only interest around the game, the score, but the personalities, and even kevin ware , of course his injury from last week, people interested to see how he's recovering.

>> so go out on a limb, who is going to win tonight, louisville or michigan? daniel , let's go.

>> full disclosure i'm from canada originally. i'll go neutral.

>> michigan, closer to the north?

>> yes, fine.

>> this got attention. doesn't open for a month.

>> "the great gatsby" the novel from f. scott fitzgerald , the movie staring leo dicaprio and toby maguire , the images are very rich and lots of interest around this.

>> when you release a clip a month ahead of the movie it generates excitement, gets people going online, it's exactly what you want to do if you're trying to promote a movie. it's spring. this one brought a smile, one of the great rites of passage of spring is the high school prom and one aspect got a lot of attention.

>> prom season well under way and prom hairstyles searched over the weekend. if you go online google images helps you with tutorials. the how-to videos on youtube are among the most popular, looking at prom hairstyles, everything from the polished pony, waterfall braid. my daughter is 2 1/2, i don't put a comb through her hair at all.

>> you have a while. not such a big deal and finally a story we've covered in the news here last week, the morning after pill after a federal judge took away some age restrictions on who could have access to the film, people online talking about that.

>> wanting to know about the decisions and also how safe is it, when would it be available potentially and what does this mean for families and parents across the country.

>> always interesting to get an idea of what's on people's minds. daniel thanks very much.