TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Curtis Stone maps out four budget-friendly dinners

The chef shares four recipes from his new cookbook “What’s for Dinner?” to help you get nutritious meals on the table for your family all week without spending a lot of time or money. He cooks up ribeye steak, cheese quesadillas with chorizo, and more.

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>> four budget friendly recipes for your family to try. they come from curtis stone and his new book, "what's for

dinner: delicious recipes for a busy life." curtis good morning.

>> how are you?

>> how many books is this for you?

>> number five.

>> this one is not only budget friendly but it also gives you the good flavors in having foods last throughout the week.

>> we have such busy lives these days. this book is designed for people that want to get a good nutritious healthy meal on the table for their families but don't have all the time in the world and i've categorized all the chapter business different days of the week.

>> what are you putting in there?

>> this is a beautiful, big ribeye.

>> beautiful.

>> this is four portions and we're doing peppered steaks with creamed spinach.

>> this is our monday meal we're making.

>> what we're doing is doubling up on the ingredients later in the week so you can sort of get the most out of your meal. so what i've done with this, and there's a whole chapter dedicated to five ingredient recipes. the ribeye, onion over here which i'll saute there and you get your spinach and this wilts down in just a second. you turn that up. so the idea here is that perfect steakhouse, you go and get that peppered steak with that creamy spinach. so we're going to cook this down, takes just a minute, once that starts to wilt.

>> what are you adding in?

>> cream and bleu cheese .

>> how long does that take?

>> literally 30 seconds. little bit of the cream and a little bit of the bleu cheese .

>> do it the way do you.

>> come out looking just like this.

>> that looks great.

>> isn't it beautiful? you get dinner on the table and with five ingredients and super uncomplicated.

>> may i taste a little bit of this steak, looks too delicious. my favorite thing about your books is the dedication to your wife.

>> oh, my beautiful girl .

>> and how is the baby?

>> he's amazing.

>> delicious.

>> he's incredible. can't get enough of him.

>> one meal, okay, two. another five ingredient dish, chorizo and we're going to make case d ques quesadillas, you get it all together on here and build it up, get your cheese, once you've had that on for a second you get your cheese and chilies in.

>> you do it on the heat right there?

>> exactly. what happens is you get that beautiful flavor from the tortilla coming through and the cheese will start to melt.

>> can i ask you how you cook this meat, what did you put in there other than the salt?

>> the chorizo sausage, you remove the casing and cook it and don't need to use all of the fat and the quesadillas come out. it's simple. the motivating chapter which is all healthy to get you back in the mood, that's on monday, motivating monday, i've got one hot wednesday.

>> of course you do.

>> hardly any cleanup.

>> have a taste.

>> i will, looks delicious. you use the ingredients to make a couple more dishes.

>> we used the ribeye earlier on, you come back and do a stir-fry later in the week.

>> tell me how did you that.

>> this is simple, you sort of start off with the steak and a little bit of flank stank eak or