TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Heidi Klum ‘laughing all day’ as ‘Talent’ judge

TODAY’s Matt Lauer chats with “America’s Got Talent” judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Howard Stern and Mel B. along with host Nick Cannon about their chemistry and what to expect from the eighth season of the show.

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>> that is not the waltz.

>> that was not waltz!

>> and they're here with us, howard stern , heidi klum , mel b. , howie mandel , nick cannon , guy, ladies, good morning, nice to see you all. are we all getting along?

>> i'm getting along with all of them.

>> it's amazing, not only are we getting along, heidi saved my life this morning.

>> did she really?

>> i was in the bedai, the water was going crazy she pulled me.

>> him with all his germs and stuff he hated being in there.

>> clearly this is clicking, this is working. you've been in san antonio , been in new orleans.

>> now we are here in beautiful new york, where we are happy to be here. as a matter of fact, you know we're doing a show from radio city music hall across the street. it's going to be legendary.

>> nick as the host of the show does the addition of mel and heidi change the dynamic out there?

>> i mean, come on now, like they each have a woman to kind of go back and forth with, they don't have to bicker and fight over one.

>> the female added to it.

>> like "the bachelor."

>> but different. howie you're the veteran.

>> doing this for five seasons, right.

>> are they giving you the respect you think you deserve in this position?

>> i think nothing but respect, i feel that's what i'm getting, why he?

>> no.

>> you don't respect me?

>> no.

>> will you respect me in the morning?

>> always.

>> he's so funny literally from the television show i'm getting ten new wrinkles because of laughing all day, because they're all so funny.

>> take this the way it's intended you have some judging credibility here. you've done "project runway" but how is your sense of talent, not fashion talent but talking about singers and jugglers and magicians.

>> i have traveled the world looking at so many different theaters, ballet, dance, music, i've been with a musician for a long time, even with my career being in the entertainment for 20 years, struggling myself to get to the top i've seen a lot of people come and go and i don't like to be bored either and what is so great about this show is that you see so much variety of different people and i don't want to be bored so if someone is out there that does something fabulous, you know, i want them to go through.

>> by the way i've taken heidi under my wing, matt and teaching her about judging, that's why she'll be excellent.

>> as one of the new kids on the block , mel , that's the wrong group.

>> that was good.

>> what was it like for to you join the group?

>> she's mean.

>> i'm not mean. i like winding up howard all day long.

>> it's a pleasure to work with you.

>> it's a pleasure to work with howie mandel , a pleasure. no, i'm having so much fun.

>> i know because talking to you, that you really are enjoying this. this is fun and almost a natural fit. if you were home watching the show you would be doing the same thing you're doing in the theater anyway.

>> i used to lay in bed and watch the show and i would judge and my wife said i was insane, stop yelling at the television so this is exciting for me in that i'm actually on the show judging and america has fallen in love with me. i often say judging is a funny thing, if you do something wrong you go to court and this one judge, the idea of all the other judges -- here we go.

>> is it important that you guys get along or better if there's a little bit of tension between the group?

>> we always have a difference of opinion.

>> it's a respectful tension. it is. i don't agree a lot with some of the other judges.

>> howard .

>> howard , but we respect each other, right?

>> we respect each other. howie respects me, yes.

>> nick, group of dogs won last year. what are the chances a human being will win this summer?

>> good.

>> pretty good. it's up to the fabulous judges, we have the best judging panel on television. they put it into america 's hands.

>> america chose the dogs, you realize that.

>> we didn't.

>> he loved the dogs.

>> i loved the dogs but i would have picked another act to win.

>> you were dissatisfied with the winner last year?

>> ooh.

>> i don't think that was the best act but america chose it.

>> was america wrong, howie ?

>> america 's buying the tickets.

>> let me switch to another subject quickly, you were in the headlines recently, heidi , you went to hawaii, had a problem with a rip tide , your 7-year-old and two nannies got caught, everybody okay?

>> everyone is fine, thank you. just shows new life you never know what's going to happen. in one second everything is fine and all of a sudden the next second your son is like swooshed by a wave and in the ocean but you know it's very good my children started to learn how to swim at 2-year-old, strong swimmers and in a few seconds he came out.

>> and your top fell off in the middle.

>> what i learned from this is --

>> in a rescue wear a tight top, matt.

>> doesn't matter apparently she has blurry nipples.

>> you know, that was meant to be sincere, it just went in the wrong direction. howard , heidi , mel , howie , nick,