TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Meat industry changes labels to be consumer-friendly

On behalf of the meat industry, Uniform Retail Meat Identification Standards is implementing a plan to roll out dozens of new names for cuts of meat like pork chops and pork butt, intending to make their labels less confusing as well as more appealing. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> pork chop was just a pork chop ? the meat industry is changing the way it labels meats to make things more consumer friendly. nbc's kerry sanders is in sunrise, florida, to explain.

>> reporter: i'm in dorst's italian market in the meat locker . you can get your rump boast and pork butt , you can kiss it good-bye, all of the names of the cuts of meat are changed, which may leave customers wondering where's the beef and where's the pork? it all started when the beef and pork producers looked at the names for their products and decided they're too confuse so long a group with its own confusing name, urmis, the uniform retail meat identification standards is now implementing an industry plan to rename the cuts of the meats you grew up with.

>> consume he weres were confused and the confusion was stopping them from buying more meat.

>> reporter: after extensive research the industry is putting more than 350 names for common cuts of meat on the chopping block . pork chops have become porterhouse chop, ribeye chops and new york chops.

>> consumers think a chop is a chop and for us there's a different eating experience from one loin to the other.

>> reporter: the pork butt confusingly referred to shoulder meat will be renamed a boston roast. beef chuck eye edge pot roast will become denver roast, and beef shoulder top blade steak will become flat iron steak .

>> i honestly think it will make people more comfortable, the consumer more comfortable in what they're buying.

>> reporter: it worked for fish, the slimehead renamed orange ruffy and the patagonian toothfish renamed chilean seabass . the new labels industry officials believe it will be easier for shoppers to understand.

>> i don't think a lot of people understand, they just look at the package and know that's a pork chop .

>> reporter: for grocery stores and butchers the name changes will all be voluntary, as you noticed they're trying to use city names in there so if you're wondering about lamb and veal, those changes are coming, too, and since we're close to ft. lauderdale, what do you think about the lauderdale lamb chop . mind you i don't think i've ever seen a sheep grazing anywhere in the state.

>> i'm more confused now than i was before your piece about what part of the pig we're supposed to have. hello?

>> reporter: remember, came from a group called urmis.