TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Slain Texas DA’s son: ‘It’s domestic terrorism’

The family of Texas prosecutor Mike McClelland and his wife, Cynthia, who were murdered in their home on March 30, are speaking out about their losses. McClelland’s son says their deaths should “put all public officials on their toes.” NBC’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> this morning the family of the texas prosecutor and his wife who were murdered in their home is speaking out. natalie is here with the story.

>> mike mclelland's wife and son son. j.r. mclelland can't hold back when it comes to his pride in his father or the devastation he feels over his sudden loss.

>> they were two people who were deeply in love all the time, every day.

>> reporter: mike and cindy mclelland were found shot to death in their home outside dallas on march 30th . the new shattered mclelland's mother.

>> i was devastated. but why? who did it?

>> reporter: the murders came two months after assistant district attorney mark hasse was shot and killed.

>> we're going to find you.

>> he meant to end this. mark was one of his best friends.

>> reporter: investigators haven't determined if the two crimes are investigated. j.r. mclelland says his father and stepmother's death should sound an alarm to others to protect and serve.

>> it means to put all public owe firms on their toes, not just texas. it's basically domestic terrorism.

>> reporter: mclelland's mother is still trying to understand how the killer or killers could do it.

>> never in trouble.

>> reporter: a funeral service was held on friday, an urn containing cynthia mclelland's ashes was placed inside her husband's flag-draped casket, together forever.

>> we've taken a small bit of gratefulness out of this whole thing that they went together because neither one of them would have wanted to live without the other.

>> mclelland's son says he is confident theily canner or killers will be caught. reward stands at $200,000.

>> natalie thank you very much.