TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

Up to 24 inches of snow expected in West

Much of the western U.S., from the Dakotas and Montana all the way to Michigan, is under a spring storm warning, with up to two feet of snow expected by tomorrow afternoon. TODAY’s Al Roker reports.

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>> you brought the warm weather. 70 degrees in the northeast in a lot of places, a far cry from some of the nasty weather we're seeing in other areas of the country. how about the images of hail pummeling parts of caps kakansas and further out west prepare are preparing for another storm. al roker is checking it out.

>> our friends in denver getting into the mid to upper 60s, by this time tomorrow morning they're going to be in the low 20s. look at the blizzard warnings, blizzard watches, winter storm warnings and watches, stretching out from the dakotas, montana, to the u.p. of michigan and the big story is in the rockies today. you can see activity firing up so we are going to be looking between now and tomorrow afternoon a ton of snow, anywhere from 18 inches of snow to two feet of snow between rapid city , denver, cheyenne and casper, into southern colorado, up to nine inches of snow and that snow extends as far to the east as central minnesota , and when we come back in just a little bit we've got the severe part of this storm. we may be looking at our first big tornado outbreak of the spring season. hoda?