TODAY   |  April 06, 2013

Speculation that Halle Berry is using a surrogate

It's the baby news that shocked many. Halle Berry, 46, will be a mom again. With no one saying that Berry is actually pregnant, people are wondering if she has a surrogate. NBC's Diana Alvear reports.

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>>> the baby news that took many of us by surprise. halle berry will be a mommy again at age 46. oscar winner and her fiance are expecting their first baby tot together. as diana alvear reports, from a tumultuous year.

>> reporter: halle berry 's life lately has been a roller coaster. now the news of a baby. the oscar winner 's publicist confirmed berry and her fiance, french actor olivier martinez , are announcing their first baby together.

>> she has gone so far to say that her daughter, when she says her prayers, wishes for a baby sister .

>> reporter: by all indications she is a doting mother to daughter nala with ex-boyfriend. still at 46 there are some concerns.

>> high risk for high blood pressure herself during pregnancy, certainly for gestational diabetes .

>> reporter: then the question of whether berry is actually carrying the baby.

>> no one is saying whether halle is actually pregnant. this is leading people to believe it's possible she has a surrogate.

>> reporter: the happy news is a departure from the usual headlines involving berry. her acrimonious split led to lengthy custody battles over nala. he and martinez came to blows. later, berry struggled to protect her daughter from finding out about the fight. berry also toussles with the paparazzi, as recently as friday night. berry baby watch is certain to keep the star in the spotlight. for "today," diana alvear, los angeles .