TODAY   |  April 06, 2013

Ohio family lost and found in Everglades

The Schreck family was found safe and sound Friday in the Florida Everglades after rescuers heard them blowing whistles. A wrong turn in their airboat had caused them to become stuck, leading to a harrowing night spent outside. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>>> family is safe and on dry land after an ordeal where they got lost in the middle of the everglades. mark potter has that story.

>> reporter: overnight search in the florida everglades came to a happy end after the family of five had gone fishing thursday but got lost and ran aground and then spent the night with lots of mosquitos during a lightning storm .

>> how are you doing, scott?

>> i'm cold and wet.

>> what happened out there?

>> took a wrong turn.

>> reporter: after a call from relatives, florida wildlife officials began a widespread search but were hampered by bad weather .

>> oh, yeah, we were worried.

>> reporter: what were you thinking while you were out there on the water overnight?

>> just surviving, keeping them warm.

>> reporter: after thanking his rescuers, shrek was asked about riding out that lightning storm .

>> it was exciting. how is that?

>> reporter: he also said his wife will not be going back on the boat for a while. mark potter , nbc news,