TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Make delicious, healthy meals for under $2

High food prices can make it challenging to eat healthy. But before you resort to value menus, try some of these quick and inexpensive alternatives, like mini-meat loaf and chili spaghetti.

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>> to it.

>> he's standing over there. happy birthday.

>> he can't taste it, that 's wonderful .

>> you get some fiber in there.

>> makes the meat go farther and the cholesterol lowering fiber. eggs hold it together, onions, marinara, worscestershire. the muffins cuts the cooking time in half and they're perfectly portioned.

>> the kids will love that. back here you've got an interesting one.

>> this is just $1.67, it's a lot of food but it's healthy food. and it's tasty, too, so it's a spaghetti tower, whole grain spaghetti, fiber, protein and meatless chili is my ingredient instead of meatballs and just as tasty and we put some steamed broccoli, edamame, adds five more grams of protein.

>> you can get it frozen.

>> frozen. a little cheese on top makes it great.

>> boom, fantastic. sarah jane bedwell, almost sounds like it should be bird w birdwell. coming