TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Cut out middleman and save loads of cash

If you’re able to cut out the middlemen in transactions on certain products, you could save a ton of money. Internet businesses are trying their hand at cutting them out and passing the savings on to you.

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>> text messages. americans are lousy savers. we know that. the folks at are going to text you reminders to save. go to their website and sign up and tell you what you want to save for. we've seen it work with smoking cessation we're excited.

>> one letter, somebody talking about saving money with their credit cards .

>> if you're a frugal viewer let us know. she's got four different credit cards that each have different rewards and she decided she would post it, each of the credit cards on a monthly basis to say if the rewards on discover are greater in restaurants this month, use this card, save $600, this is from amanda in north carolina , so thank you amanda.

>> we'll get that information on our website. favorite for hoda and kathie lee , saving some money on booze.

>> only for people 21 and over, from the zagat wine club . if you join their initial offer for 15 bottles, $69.99 plus shipping and handling. this is a club so you have to tell them if you don't want to be in the club after that but it's over a $200 value for these 15 bottles, considerable savings, every three months you'll get a new shipment and if you want to not receive that particular shipment you can tell them the price goes up to $139.

>> this is the weekend for hoda and kathie lee . what do we have here?

>> "the new york times" ran a great story about cutting out the middleman . we're seeing retailers make their own merchandise, sell it directly over the internet and it's considerably cheaper so this stuff is all from mono price which specializes in electronic equipment , accessory accessories, toner. these earphones these cases for phones they're under $10. even those headphones are 23, 24 books and queen and canopy does the same with linens and they work fast so they can take the great designs from pinterest and make them and they're about a third of what you would pay for these high-end linens in department stores .

>> how do you find is this?

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