TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Director Danny Boyle on new film ‘Trance’

Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle joins the TODAY anchors to talk about his new psychological thriller, “Trance.” Starring James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson, the film is about a criminal gang out to steal a Goya painting.

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>> called "trance" opens today. good to see you.

>> here is what i read about this film from one of the pieces written about it, "it's a wildly twisting mind puzzle exploring identity, madness and perception via the altered state of hypnotic trance," so it's like this show. right?

>> if you're seeing a hypno therapist, just in case.

>> where did you come up with the identify?

>> itzblt idea?

>> the woman is the hypno therapist moves and more toward the engine room and doing a series of trances as a series of adventures.

>> the terrain is actually inside of the mind. that must have been fascinating.

>> to get in there, it 's wonderful , it's a mad, bad, sexy thriller.

>> mad, bad, sexy.

>> she was earlier telling us about it.

>> exactly.

>> you came up with this idea while you were filming "127 hours." are you working on lots of ideas at the same time?

>> you do. you try to dedicate yourself to this one but you've always got an eye on what might come next. you're always trying to work on that.

>> you delayed this to finish off the opening ceremony for the olympics.

>> we had a bit of business to do in the opening ceremony with the queen and james bond and little movie.

>> for a few billion people.

>> exactly.

>> danny boyle , always great to see you. "trance" opens in