TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Top 10 worst cities for spring pollen

TODAY’s Al Roker shares the 10 worst cities for spring pollen this year and the pollen forecast for this weekend which may keep allergy sufferers indoors across much of the country.

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>> let's see what we've got weather wise for you. here's what we're looking at. worst cities for spring pollen, number one, jackson, mississippi, memphis, louisville, baton rouge , oklahoma, all looking bad. here is what your pollen forecast for saturday is concerned, in the mid section of the country we're going to have high pollen counts from california, southern california into lower illinois, and into the mid-atlantic states and the northeast as well. for today we're looking at a lot of wet weather, windy conditions in the pacific northwest , windy and on the cool side, southern california , gorgeous in phoenix, sunny and 92. morning showers move through the northeast and heavy showers and thunderstorms through central