TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Kid President meets real president at White House

Nine-year-old Robbie Novak, better known as “Kid President,” has captured more than 18 million YouTube hits for his pep talks for kids. He finally got to meet the real president face-to-face in the Oval Office during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, and it was all captured in an adorable video.

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>>> 9-year-old roger novak better known as kid president finally got to meet the real president face to face in the oval office . take a look.

>> hello?

>> this is abraham lincoln , one of my favorite presidents.

>> mine, too. you do awesome.

>> you think i'm doing awesome? thanks, that means a lot to me. i think you're doing awesome. even though we're presidents, can we still hug?

>> yeah.

>> all right, i just want to make sure.

>> very sweet. the kid president was at the white house for the annual easter egg roll , his original viral video pep talk for kids and grownups has now more than 18 million youtube hits. it is 8:06 right now. let's