TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

What’s new in fashion, film and pop culture

Find out all you need to know going into the weekend, including the best music and movie news, what the hottest celebrities are doing, and the trendiest spring fashions.

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>>> to get you ready for the weekend with what's new, what's up and what's in. we have three people in the know here to guide us.

>> we certainly hope so. what's new in movies and music. joe levy editor of "billboard" magazine. good to see you..

>> good to be here.

>> music, brad paisley has a new album out, one of the tracks he teams one ll cool j.

>> that's right, this is a really interesting song called "accidental racist" it's about what happens when you wear a lynard skynard shirt. it's a record full of great songs.

>> let's go to television now, "madmen" sixth season starts very soon, they got blanked at the emmys last year. do they have something to prove?

>> you know what? i think they don't. it's been so good and recognized for so long, they gave him a little rest. if they have something to prove they're going to prove it. this is an interesting season, we'll jump to the end of the '60s, a tumultuous time in the country and the characters.

>> another television show that developed a cult following in 2003 to 2006 was "arrested development" didn't have a big enough audience to stay on the network, it's coming back on netflix, what it do you know about it?

>> coming back with 15 episodes, giving us more than promised, a short run to set up a movie. now we have 15, it's ten years after that show started. now it's coming back.

>> same cast, everybody back?

>> same cast, same humor, and now the times have caught up with the pace of that show, perfect timing in its own way.

>> melissa mccarthy is hosting "saturday night live" for the second time. what are we expecting?

>> she was amazing the first time and isn't it great when a comedy show has someone really funny as a host? what a novel idea. she's hilarious, this say great pairing. i think it will be a great show.

>> g.i. joe " did great last week.

>> they are calling dwayne "the rock" johnson box office viagra. the rock is an actual movie star .

>> he has a lot of followers. joe levy thanks very much.

>> what's up when it comes to the skinny on celebrities, lolol lolo ogunnaike is a contributing editor for "essence" magazine. angelina jolie .

>> she's combining fashion and philanthropy. she launched a girl's school in afghanistan and sending 200 to 300 girls in kabul to primary school and using 100% of the proceeds from her jewelry line to fund these schools.

>> and the codesigner of the jewelry line is the guy who designed her engagement ring .

>> exactly. and we don't know the price points just yet but there is a 27 carat emerald necklace .

>> we're showing it right there.

>> that is a beauty and a lot of scholarship money right there.

>> so this sounds like this is going to probably be a high-end line.

>> i think it's going to be pricey but it's for a good cause and she plans to open more schools around the world so this is the first of many.

>> we've seen other celebrities do this kind of thing.

>> bono is a huge one and people like beyonce, they donate a lot of the money from their charity that comes from fashion to other organizations so it's a great thing and she's also recently agreed to help mulalah, the young girl shot in the face by the taliban to help her send 40 girls in pakistan to school so angelina's all about education.

>> a wonderful cause. different topic, the make under.

>> the make under.

>> we see courteney cox step out with not so much makeup on.

>> i love it. it's liberating. nobody has to be in ru paul drag every day to go to starbucks.

>> when you're as pretty as courteney you don't need makeup. christina aguilera ?

>> she's usually known for a lot of makeup, extensions and the whole shebang but she decided the make under is a better look for her. i prefer it. it makes her look younger.

>> nicki minaj, when she makes under you really notice.

>> she was on the cover of "elle" magazine, stripped down, no wigs, no false lashes, no bright hysterical pink lipstick and she looks beautiful. just a simple, clean palate and a lot of celebrities are gravitating forward that.

>> mila munoz.

>> she doesn't need anything, the face and the eyes and she's great to go.

>> here's natalie.

>> all right, savannah, last but not least what's in when it comes to fashion and beauty style expert lilliana vasquez, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> silver is all the rage.

>> absolutely from super high shine to subtle mentality, easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. you can do accessories, i love this necklace, it's fabric from eye line fisher. think about incorporating it into flip-flops from tikis and all shades of silver, super fun trends going into the summer.

>> another trend, mirror pants. what does that mean?

>> mirror prints are perfectly symmetrical prints reflected on both sides and surprisingly easy to wear, great pants from jcpenney here, this grdress $36 from perfect for spring.

>> embellished jeans, a lot of bring and bedazzling.

>> shorts from juicy couture and you can also do embroidery, h&h, $69.95, it's not about a color for jeans, it's all about the detail so bling, rhine stone studs, definitely adding a pop to all your denim.

>> okay, now lucite or clear accents also a huge trend.

>> it adds a modern touch to simple things like a wedge. how cool is this clear piece on this nine west wedges. c1 has the fabulous bracelets that come in clear, pink and green and you can stack them up but shoes are the right place to incorporate the lucite detail.

>> this is cool, the hand wraps or mid finger rings.

>> exactly.

>> you're wearing it right here.

>> from running glory, a boho chic feel. you wear them at your knuckle. it doesn't get in the way. makeup is all about eye gloss, think of it as lip gloss for your eyes. vuker toia's secret has metallic metallics, or a cream shadow or diy, use any powder shadow, elizabeth arden cream and you get a shy in a shadow for your eyes.

>> the la boutana for shoes at a less costly --

>> i'm giving you a mani for $19.99. use black on the top and red on the bottom.

>> that is a cool look. lilliana vasquez i think we're out of time. we have a little more time?

>> we do, perfect.

>> quickly food, yogurt. make it yourself.

>> and the battle of the blondies, keep it sweets dessert, best in the west is

>> we'll have to try one of these. now we're out