TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Memorial for slain Texas DA to be held today

Today’s burial of a Texas district attorney who was killed two months ago along with his wife is expected to be emotional. New footage shows Mike McLelland at a gun store just hours before his death.

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>>> in texas , a funeral today for a district attorney and his wife who were murdered last week. meantime new video has surfaced showing what the d.a. was doing to protect his co-workers just before his death. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in kaufman, texas , good morning.

>> reporter: the murder of another prosecutor two months ago rattled employees at the courthouse so the d.a. apparently wanted to kaufman county d.a. mike mclelland at a gun store last friday, hours before his death. shop owner o'neil kidwell says mclelland was looking for weapons not for himself but to recommend to his staff who felt threatened.

>> they were all concerned so he was concerned for them. he had no concern for himself.

>> reporter: today mclelland and his wife, cynthia, will be laid to rest.

>> the world will never, ever be the same without them. cynthia, my sister, i'll see you on the other side .

>> reporter: at a public memorial thursday, friends and family honored the couple, their last moments spent together.

>> they loved each other and there's no other way they would have wanted to go.

>> reporter: outside heavy security. kaufman county on edge since the mclellands were killed last week and chief prosecutor mark hasse was gunned down two months ago

>> these are direct attacks on the core of our civil society .

>> reporter: the new interim d.a. speaking publicly for the first time since taking office.

>> we're unnerved a little bit but we're going to stick to our oath and we're showing up to work every single day to fulfill that oath, serve this community.

>> reporter: a community in mourning, now hunting for a killer or killers.

>> chase them down, go get them, bring them to justice, take them out of the hole they came from.

>> reporter: sources familiar with the investigation tell nbc news that authorities are downplaying though not dismissing the theory that a white supremacist group or drug cartel may have been responsible. detectives are also closely looking at the possibility of a lone gunman with a grudge. the reward for tips now up to $200,000. natalie?

>> gabe gutierrez in kaufman, texas ,