TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Find out Ryan Seacrest’s clue for ‘On the Verge’

TODAY contributor Ryan Seacrest shares the next set of clues in his new series “On the Verge,” where he seeks out companies and people who are on the brink of hitting it big.

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>>> seacrest series "on the verge" talks about things about to make it big in entertainment, sports and technology and what is it next week? here is a clue from ryan.

>> thanks again, ready for the next segment in our "on the verge" series, his name is often associated with rainbows and he's been known to turn diamonds into halos, heavenly, yet in 2012 he stole nearly 50 times. if you think you know, tweet your guess usin using #onthevergetoday and if you want another clue go to back to you.

>> you think you know?

>> ooh, ooh, ooh!

>> you have that look on your face you think you