TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Al and Matt go for a glide on golf course

When TODAY’s Al Roker and Matt Lauer hit the fairway for a friendly game of golf, they pull out all the stops to use the coolest gadgets. Then Matt pulls up in a new hovercraft golf cart that enables them to glide over sand traps and water hazards with ease.

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>> something ugly. out of sight, out of sight out of sight out of sight out of sight out of sight out of sight out of sight out of sight

>> the two guys behind this contraption are james and mike, co-founders of think moto. guys, good morning, nice to have you.

>> good morning you guys.

>> you've done it again. this is a takeoff on a video you produced with bubba watson .

>> that's correct.

>> it was for who?

>> this is for oakley, they came to us, wanted something exciting and we came up with this idea along with bubba.

>> i want people to know, this thing is not a car. this is more of an airplane than it is a car. it was hard to drive this thing.

>> it hovers. it doesn't have wheels. it go over water, sand, grass, anything you want. that's the beauty of it.

>> you've been working on the hovercraft for 50 years.

>> people are not aware of it very much but our video put it out there again and everybody wants it.

>> matt got 20 minutes of training on this. he did a pretty good job.

>> i was scared to death, let me tell you.

>> two quickest learners were bubba watson and matt lauer .

>> and we should tell people they're not going to see these on golf courses , right?

>> not in the future but there are golf courses who are very interested in buying them, that's for sure.

>> these aren't very quiet?

>> they're good. they're good. let me ask you this, you guys are specializing in taking videos, making them viral. you tried to push the envelope. recently you pushed the envelope very far, you are behind that fake murder in an elevator video. do you think maybe you crossed the line with that one?

>> sometimes you tear the envelope a little bit when you push it but that's why you come up with things like this.

>> that's not an answer.

>> be honest, were you a little nervous getting behind --

>> no, though looking back at it we were nuts.

>> and there nor seatbelts on this.

>> no, and again it's an airplane. it's not a car but so much fun. michael,