Image: Earl And Countess Of Strathearn Visit Scotland
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TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Duchess Kate confirms: I’m due in mid-July

During a two-day tour of Scotland, the Duchess of Cambridge confirmed that her baby is due in mid-July,. She said she and Prince William have a list of names… for both boys and girls.

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>>> the duke and duchess of cambridge are wrapping up a two-day visit to scotland and like everything they do it's getting a lot of attention. nbc's special correspondent ben fokel is at buckingham palace with the details. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah from a very cold london. prince william and kate are in scotland on part of a two-day tour. kate confirmed she's expecting in mid-july and they have a long list of children's names for both boys and girls . on the second day of their visit to scotland , the duke and duchess of cambridge joined by prince william 's father, prince charles , opening a new outdoor center. thursday, the duchess hid her bump in a coat, a stylish nod to the scottish people she's visiting. william and kate known there as the earl and countess of stratham met athletes and joined in shooting hoops . playing ping-pong. and a mascot who was thinking about the royal baby. she was asked about a nursery.

>> no, not yet. i've got a lot to do.

>> reporter: and kids.

>> you look very pretty.

>> reporter: kate chatting to these young boys .

>> try running track it's fantastic, really good.

>> reporter: this little girl trying to avoid william 's kiss.

>> you look very pretty. you want a kiss? oh, no! see? there you go.

>> reporter: but william enchanting this one. the pregnancy has not stopped kate 's public engagements. last month kate braved the elements with scouts. a busy time for the couple as they make major revisions to one of their homes in preparation for a child, continuing the privacy the couple have enjoyed. kate has said she'll keep doing royal duties until june. well, perhaps inspired by her sister's ping-pong abilities, piper middleton issued her own challenge to boris johnson , he replied on twitter he's game on is she is. piper issued the challenge because his family is just as competitive as hers. the game described by johnson as whiff-whaff promises to be epic.

>> speaking of epic moments, ben, the image of prince william getting rejected by the little girl , that's the only little girl in england that doesn't want a kiss from the prince.

>> it's brilliant and all anyone is talking about now, and i'm sure that image will remain in the headlines for many, many days.

>> soon she will say, what was i thinking? ben fogle