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TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Kathie Lee and Hoda celebrate 5 years together!

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb celebrate co-hosting the Fourth Hour together for five years today! Marking the momentous occasion, they take a look at some of their old hairstyles as well as the top song and TV show when they first started.

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>> why don't you kill your co-host on the set.

>> i swear to god, i feel your heart.

>> i'm too old for this.

>> we're celebrating because it's the five-year anniversary.

>> actually we're not going to make it until then. april 7th our real date, but that's sunday.

>> april 579 will have to do.

>> happy anniversary , my friend.

>> five years.

>> i wonder how much wine we've had to drink in five years.

>> not much, we just take a little sip of something, that's all.

>> five years ago, this is when one of my favorite all-time songs was the top of the charts. low, low, low baggy sweat pants and the reeboks

>> that was going to be my first sign.

>> " american idol " was at the top of the charts.

>> it's still doing well.

>> does it feel like five years to you since we first started?

>> in some ways it feels longer. and in other ways it feels like it was yesterday. you now? because when i think about my son was a senior in high school . and now he's out of college for a year and graduated a year ago. cassidy was -- you know, i gauge everything.

>> you're a mother now, yourself, you have blake .

>> hannah's six, my niece. it's funny how you remember how far along it was. we've changed.

>> well, let's walk down memory lane a little bit, shall we?

>> we had a little bit of a different look back in the day.

>> that was our very first day.

>> oh, my god had.

>> why did we have coats on, it was freezing.

>> look at your bangs. you look great.

>> i wore a turtleneck.

>> and then i had the bangs.

>> i wore that dress 1,000 times.

>> no kidding.

>> and then what happened?

>> and then i put it up and you looked the same.

>> that looks like a hat.

>> i was showing off my cleavage a little better.

>> that's sort of on the way to what we are today.

>> we're heading there.

>> and that was last week. i think.

>> was it?

>> yeah.

>> that's an unfortunate dress choice. not you, me.

>> and that was just yesterday.

>> yeah.

>> so five years, and here we are today.

>> i'd say we're holding up. i've had a lot of work done, i don't know about you. thank you dr. wex ler.

>> we'll play a little game to see how much we really know about each other.

>> in the meantime, do you realize that the old adage that gentlemen prefer blonds is not true.

>> is that right?

>> stop coloring your hair.

>> you and i are so out. apparently yet another study says most gentlemen believe brunettes make better wives and girlfriends.

>> that's interesting. the study was conducted by super drug, whatever that is. they said they think women with darker hair are deeper and more sensible and than blonds. and --

>> what if they're not looking for deep and sensible, if you know what i'm saying.

>> that's what the truth is, i think you got it.

>> what if they just want fun? that's when they call me and sara .

>> have you ever heard that line, it said, what is it blue eyes are for looking at, brown eyes are for looking into? hey!

>> are you saying my husband's eyes are not beautiful?

>> i'm saying they're for looking at.

>> he does have gorgeous eyes. still.

>> you can gaze into them.

>> and now he's had his cataracts done, wow.

>> does he have 20/20 vision?

>> he put us through hell with this operation. both of them. now it's as if it was his idea. you should get it, too. i said i don't have cataracts. they won't give it to me unless you have them.

>> it's an outpatient surgery.

>> men make such a big deal out of a little thing? no? oh my gosh. let's find out what we know about each other.

>> we're going to play a game called what do you know. sara is our mistress of ceremonies.

>> so cath, i'm going to ask you four questions about hoda and each of you will write answers down on the board. kathie, if anyone can play hoda in a movie, who would she want it to be?

>> i can't stand these kind of questions.

>> wait until you see number two.

>> i know it's not miranda lambert .

>> quit cheating on your own test. this is your answer.

>> i got it.

>> kathie, what did you say?

>> halle berry . same coloring and she's gorgeous.

>> aren't you sweet? i said -- hallah, my sister.

>> kind of the same.

>> no --

>> hoda, kathie, what size shoe does hoda wear.

>> be careful. because i have the truth.

>> she lies but she says 9 1/2.

>> it is 9 1/2.

>> okay.

>> what is the first thing hoda does when she wakes up?

>> well now --

>> and hoda is off and running on that one.

>> now she has to take blake out. i would say she does ha most of us do.

>> don't answer in numbers.

>> she goes running, but first she does, i dare her to do this without doing this.

>> okay, go.

>> hoda pees?

>> i get dressed and then gi to the bathroom.

>> all of these years we had it wrong.

>> what is hoda's favorite kind of wine? what is hoda's favorite kind of wine?

>> pinot anothenoir.

>> you got 50% of that.

>> hala berry.

>> okay, hoda.

>> you got three out of four.

>> or two.

>> you can't say hala berry was an answer. which side of the bed does kathie lee sleep on.

>> furthest from the bedroom door.

>> let's do left or right.

>> we don't know if it's off the bed or on the bed.

>> go, what do you got.

>> left.

>> one for one.

>> remember when i couldn't figure out. i got one.

>> hoda, what song does kathie lee sing in the shower? would you like to sing it right now? maybe a better question would be what song doesn't she sing in the shower.

>> everyone has a story.

>> "i feel pretty."

>> that was very carol burnett .

>> if anybody could play kathie lee in a movie, who would she want it to be?

>> i all right know.

>> okay?

>> sandra bullock .

>> sandra bullock .

>> you know what, if you guys watched "the blind side" watch sandra bullock 's character and tell me if you don't think of klg. tell me.

>> and -- do you know where kathie lee and frank went on their honeymoon?

>> which one?

>> i don't really know.

>> well, this is a tough one. or?

>> running all over and doing you know what, everywhere?

>> what is it? what is it?

>> carmel or gurney's inn in monta montauk.

>> i did win, i know more about you than you know about me, hala berry.

>> we gave you a wooden spoon with wine, because wood is the five-year anniversary gift . it's about strength and solidity in a relationship. i don't even know if solidity is a word.

>> it isn't.

>> thank you.

>> up next -- get over there, sara and do what you do best, the baby of the week announcement.

>> time for today's johnson's baby announcement. we celebrate moms and their doshl new additions to their families. first up is carli barron. and the proud parents say she had so much hair you could see it on the ultrasound. and next up is jenson phillip smith . the proud parents of smyrna, georgia. they say to remember to offset the diaper changes, with lots of kisses and snuggles. our third today's johnson's baby of the week is harper lillian andrews. the parents are here in brooklyn, new york.

>> looks like a budding pitcher.

>>> and finally, sweet cha olivia board arrived to her parents in roanoke, virginia. who say be sure to show your baby a lot of love.

>> you should have had hoda in there with her new baby, blake .

>> i think they limited it to human babies.

>> thank you, sara .

>> congratulations to all of the parents and babies.

>>> it's try-day friday, so wer going to try something. the u.s. soccer team are celebrating today.

>> they've got 95 years on us.

>> they're 100 years old.

>> congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> we brought you some jerseys.

>> you guys have a little video for us? let's take a look at that.

>> abbeywombach, we wanted to witch you, kathie lee and hoda, happy fifth anniversary.

>> tell us who you are, please, since i lost the card. i know your last name rhymes with vegas. and you're aggis.

>> is this the next oldest sport after baseball?

>> yes, it is.

>> it's really showing enormous growth for guys and for girls.

>> absolutely.

>> will you show us a little trick as we go to break?

>> a friday funny after five years?

>> that's all right. i'm fine.

>> let's learn a new soccer trick, that's what we'll do. no problem, kids let's do it.

>> we'll do it right here. that's all we got, girls, that's all we've got.

>> we're going to have you head the ball.

>> we're going to throw it very gently.

>> you're going to hit it right here with your forehead right back to us.

>> careful of the nose.

>> ouch!

>> ouch!

>> there you go.

>> did you hear the one about the friday funny.