TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Teenagers spend days in canyon without food, water

Two teenagers who went missing since Easter Sunday were found in the rugged Trabuco Canyon in Orange County, Calif. The teens were without food, water and shelter after they couldn’t find their car. One rescuer is in serious condition after falling 60 feet and suffering a head injury.

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>>> two teenagers in california are lucky to be alive after being stranded for days in a rugged canyon. diana alvear has details of their dramatic rescue.

>> reporter: rescuers credit good weather and persistence for bringing home two teenagers missing since easter sunday to their elated families.

>> just glad that she's found, thank god, oh, thank god.

>> reporter: but it came with a price. one of the deputies involved in the rescue fell 60 feet and is in serious condition after suffering a head injury. it all started when 18-year-old kendall jack and 19-year-old nicholas cendoya got lost on a hike in a terrain in orange county , california. the teens called for help when they couldn't find their car.

>> after that 911 conversation, their cell phone died.

>> reporter: late wednesday cendoya was spotted on his own.

>> he did try to cover up with bushes and brush at nighttime to keep his body warm.

>> reporter: thursday morning rescuers heard kyndall jack calling for help.

>> she was cliffside going in and out of consciousness.

>> reporter: jack is being treated for dehydration. both teens and the reserve sheriff's deputy who volunteered his time to save them remain hospitalized this morning. for "today," diana alvear, nbc news, los angeles .