TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Building collapses in India, 41 dead, dozens missing

At least 41 people are dead after a building collapsed in Mumbai, India, with dozens more missing in the rubble. The building was under construction when it collapsed. Families had moved into the unfinished structure.

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>> this morning. the search for possible survivors after the collapse of a building being constructed illegally on the outskirts of mum bu mumbai, india .

>> one person said it came down like a pack or deck of cards. among the dead and the missing the wives and children of workers already living on that site. duncan golastani, what can you tell us about the rescue efforts?

>> good morning, matt. rescuers are searching through rubble trying to find survivors. it's thought at least 41 people have been killed including children have been killed. one city official says there were not proper permits for this building and poor materials were being used. matt?

>> why were people living in the building if it was still under construction, duncan ?

>> well, unfortunately, this is very common in parts of india where building regulations are regularly ignored and poor people are allowed to move in, particularly the families of laborers, where the construction is happening. the police say they are searching for the builders and they've already filed murder charges.

>> nbc's duncan golestani out of india this morning, thank you very much.