TODAY   |  April 05, 2013

Relive 5 years of fun with KLG and Hoda

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb take a look back at some of the hilarious, fun and emotional moments they’ve shared co-hosting the Fourth Hour for the past five years.

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>>> "today" on this friday, a big celebration. five years ago i would never dream i would be putting on a dog suit again and begging to be liked and there's no one i would rather be sitting next to than my good friend, hoda-woman.

>> we've been through a lot together, revealing our makeup-stripped faces to revealing our true weight for all to see. i get to wake upperry morning knowing i'm going to sit next to my good friend, kathie lee .

>> that's the way we roll. let's look at our last five years.

>> this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb .

>> probably the first show was going to be a life-changing day for me. i didn't know it at the time. but it really was going to change the whole way my life would go.

>> here's a little welcoming kit and in it --

>> i had no idea what i signed up for.

>> that's not olive oil , honey, that's cuervo.

>> i would say a year. who would never think of it. a post menopausal woman and an egyptian journalist.

>> oh, those two things belong together.

>> i look at hoda and i go, ha.

>> we are the news. nobody thinks of me as a news person.

>> we'll give you a doggie treat. i've been an entertainer since the day i was born. i came out of the womb putting on a show.

>> now bark!

>> i have my journalistic standards.

>> i was like the news girl, i had the news corset tight, tight around me. i was very serious. i was so worried about the planning of the show, i wasn't paying attention to who was sitting right next to me. and hoda said you've got to get rid of those cards.

>> i took the cards like this kind of wind gust , cards go flying and they go trickling down. i remember watching our whole show, it was like oh my god, we don't know what is going on.

>> once we got rid of those cards and hoda and i started having fun .

>> oh, my gosh!

>> that's what makes the show so crazy. and off the chain. and ridiculous. is because with her, you don't know ha she's going to say. dirty bits

>> kathie lee apologizes now for what she said, what she's saying and what she's bound to say next.

>> please, please like us. do you want big boobs ? go through menopause. there are certain things that i could have never discussed with rege that i can discuss with hoda. fat guys make better lovers, i've known that. kathie lee has a way of asking you something spot-on and you just answer it and you go, oh my god.

>> which one are you, missy?

>> i'm the landing strip . you asked and i answered.

>> have you ever --

>> had a one-night? no.

>> good.

>> wine plays an important role in many relationships, especially ours. the drinking caused the bonding.

>> so raise your glasses.

>> oh!

>> four glasses of wine and three boxes.

>> can i talk to you -- ?

>> can i touch your sweet spot ?

>> please.

>> did i get yours?

>> you know i can't find mine. raise your glass hey, i heard you were a wild one

>> i love a good rap song. my favorite part of my ihoda playlist is watching the horror next to me. don't stop the party

>> she only likes her own songs.

>> it was called " love never fails " she made me happy that day. and she showed my video. i was happy. i haven't been happy since.

>> with kathie, every day we end up having some kind of adventure.

>> let's do it, hoda-woman.

>> the day we dressed up like lucy and ethel is unforgettable, we were out on the plaza stomping grapes and we looked just like them.

>> or the day we had beyonce's mom on the show. the doors flung open and it was beyonce on the show. it was just so cool.

>> you continue to mock our show.

>> have you seen your show?

>> it's an easy thing to sort of dismiss. what hoda and i do. it seems kind of silly on a daily basis.

>> but it means something to people.

>> you don't know --

>> oh!

>> the best gift of the fourth hour is the laughter. you never know what's going to happen. i am a fan

>> i've got a front seat to the best show on earth.

>> the number of blind hugs i get on the street, i'll take any day. you become their friend and it's a tremendous responsibility when they love you enough to allow you into their heart. every day i need my hoda fix.

>> probably her best trait is her incredible comedic timing. there's nobody funnier.

>> she makes me laugh just as much. not telling jokes, but just who she is. she's one of the most joyful people i've ever known. she has a way of bringing out the best in the person sitting next to her and lucky for me, i'm the one sitting next to her.

>> we're salt and pepper , oil and vinegar. chardonnay and pinot noir . no, actually pinot grigio , and pinot noir , there you go, baby.

>> oh, my gosh! that was great.

>> i want to think britney and emily.

>> you guys -- come here. come out for two seconds. they worked so hard on this.

>> oh, my gosh, you guys.

>> thank you, brit, love you, love you.

>> it's very, very sweet.

>> here's to five more years!

>> whatever god will give us.

>> how to navigate the tricky path to becoming part of a blended family.