TODAY   |  April 04, 2013

Dinner time! Low-calorie lemon turkey cutlets

Ariane Duarte, contributing chef for Prevention, shows TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb  some great options for your next dinner: a vegetarian eggplant and a low-calorie (but still tasty) lemon turkey cutlet dish.

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>>> time to head into today's kitchen to find out what's cooking. we've got dinner planned, your favorite comfort foods get a low-calorie makeover.

>> and we have "prevention" magazine's contributing chef.

>> i love being here.

>> this is a low-cal version.

>> yes, a lemon turkey cutlet. a little piccata style, if you will. we pounded out some turkey breasts, can you even buy them like this. we do a lot dredge on a seasoned flour, a little salt, a little pepper. it goes into our egg.

>> any cut in calories except the type of meat we're using.

>> lean turkey, lean, delicious. less on the fat.

>> and put it in a little bit of oil in the pan.

>> what kind of oil are you using, hon?

>> a little blended canola oil .

>> this will stay in the pan about three minutes on each side. the egg batter i feel i always keeps it so tender. you know sometimes you think it can get a little dry, you're guaranteed this is going to be delicious.

>> i have some lemon sliced which we're going to put that write in here and these are going to brown up beautifully.

>> soften, too.

>> soften, brown.

>> you actually end up eating the lemons?

>> you can definitely eat them, it's your preference, i love them.

>> you want me to pour some stuff in?

>> yes. we're going to brown it a little bit and add some white wine and chicken stock .

>> white wine . throw that baby in there.

>> it's going to reduce, so it will tenderize the lemons.

>> for about 20 minutes ?

>> not even. maybe about five to eight minutes.

>> it goes pretty quick.

>> look at that.

>> this is under 30 minutes . you're using basically you're using one skillet.

>> with the prevention we love easy, delicious.

>> bring it over.

>> we've got to taste it.

>> put your cutlets back in here.

>> thank you.

>> let them get nice --

>> i want to have some lemon and capers on it. that's what makes it delicious.

>> what we're going to do to the sauce is add butter. we add with a little butter.

>> excuse me, are you talking?

>> 310 calorie as serving, how you cannot love that.

>> unbelievably delicious.

>> eggplant lasagna in the slow cooker . this is beautiful, we have sliced -- eggplant slices, we like to salt it a little , it brings out the bitter flavor that we kind of don't like. whole wheat, no boil lasagna noodles. layer a little marinara, you put your noodles in here. this is you can break them up and kind of fill in the crevices, we add our egg plant .

>> this is genius.

>> do you have to do this in this kind of pot?

>> it's a slow cooker . it's going to cook for about -- four to five hours.

>> look at it.

>> it looks delicious.

>> this is something, when i love the slow cooker . you set it, forget it. this is 394 calories a serving. all of these recipes are on the website.

>> on our website.

>> oh, my gosh. look at this.

>> this is great.

>> it's getting hot in here and it's not the oven.

>> it's 98 degrees !