TODAY   |  March 31, 2015

Grandpa gets teary over wife’s makeover

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin gives two deserving women makeovers that bring tears to their eyes. Also emotional: one woman’s husband, who was at a loss for words describing his beautiful bride.

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>>> thursday, with more of "today" an our plaza ambush makeover , when two lucky ladies get plucked off the plaza and are surprised with hot new looks.

>> and as always our crack beauty makeover team --

>> what does that mean, crack?

>> "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- lewieewis liccari la la la la la

>> today we found two ladies who had never been in new york before.

>> they're going to get a trip to remember.

>> you shouldn't count on too many freebies when you come to new york .

>> first up is pat deerman, 57 years old from virginia. she just lost 40 pounds, she was thrilled to have a chance to get a brand new look to go on with that brand new body. let's take a listen.

>> well we are in the state of shock here, this morning, and i can't believe first of all you're a grandma, you don't look like a grandma. but i know you want this for your grandmother, tell me why?

>> because i think she's awesome and i think she deserves it.

>> she tells me she hasn't work a dress in a decade?

>> that's correct.

>> what do you think of all this?

>> i'm scared.

>> well you're in good hands and you're going to have an even sexier new wife in about three hours.

>> yes, i am, i'm excited about that.

>> you can tell she's going to be drop-dead gorgeous. with that face.

>> let's look at her people, danny is holding the blindfold because it snapped and the granddaughter, jordan has hers on.

>> here is pat deerman before. pat, let's see the new you.

>> wow!

>> oh, my gosh.

>> are you ready? take off your blindfolds, guys.

>> that is not my grandma.

>> that's not anybody's grandma!

>> turn right around.

>> oh my lord.

>> wow, wow. that is sexy.

>> wow. i love that hair.

>> oh my goodness.

>> look at camera 12.

>> louis, louis, la, la, la!

>> she looked young before, i had no idea that was your granddaughter, i thought that was your daughter. but right now you look -- beyond. what i did is i lightened her hair and gave her this glamorous blonde, like a believable blonde. and she had layers before, but he relayered it. it's layered correctly and look at the lipstick, it's sexy, fun, it's young.

>> danny , danny .

>> you looked beautiful before and she's even more beautiful now.

>> jordan --

>> wait a minute!

>> tell us about this hot dress.

>> we had an interesting time together. because it's difficult to shop after you've lost so much weight. she's like, are you sure i look good? are you sure? and now you agree, right, how beautiful your body looks.

>> i don't believe it.

>> this is from maggie london, color blocking for spring is so big.

>> you look gorgeous.

>> join your groom over there.

>> a round of applause for pat.

>> i have beverly jones, 75, from knoxville, iowa. she's never colored her hair before and wears zero makeup. she was very excited to glam it up for the day. let's hear her story.

>> so nice, three generations here today. and what do you think of all this for your mom?

>> i think it's awesome. she's the best mom in the world. she brought us here for the trip to new york and she deserves it.

>> are you crying already or are you just freezing.

>> i am.

>> tell me why you're crying?

>> well i don't know, for her to say such a nice thing.

>> we're going to pamper you for three hours and make you look even more beautiful . what do you think?

>> that will be great.

>> same thing, she's going to be a wow. absolutely.

>> she's here with her daughters lisa and carol and her granddaughter, hannah, let's take a last look at bevelly before and bring out the beautiful beverly jones.

>> wow!

>> oh yeah.

>> all right. ladies.

>> take off your blindfolds.

>> oh my gosh!

>> it's this one over here.

>> wow!

>> are you ready to see?

>> turn around, please, beverly .

>> wow.

>> it is different.

>> you look sassy and beautiful .

>> you can look right there at camera 12.

>> you look beautiful .

>> ha a difference.

>> the interesting thing here, a big, big difference. the hair color is is a drautic change. can you wipe away ten years, we did more with the little bit of hair color .

>> he gave her the most minimal changes in the haircut. it went from, it gave it a sense of style. that plus the makeup, you look like a new woman and you look very new york , by the way.

>> what do you guys think?

>> she looks awesome.

>> she never pampers herself. it's fun to see.

>> when people really deserve it. they don't expect it, it's a lovely thing.

>> we wanted to go for it. this is ellen tracy, available at macies and a great pair of black pumps, nine west. available at macy's.

>> beautiful , beautiful , everybody, nice job.