TODAY   |  April 04, 2013

KLG, Hoda offer big congrats to Jimmy Fallon

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb congratulate their friend Jimmy Fallon after it was announced he will take over “The Tonight Show” next year. Also: KLG shows Hoda a clip of her doing a funny sketch on the MTV show “Nikki and Sara Live.”

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>>> hello, everybody, it's thirst-day thursday, april 4th and it is just one day away from our big five-year anniversary show tomorrow.

>> we have a big show planned.

>> it has flown by.

>> it is crazy. we're having a musical guest.

>> guests.

>> plural. and we have a really fun look back. kind of all about us.

>> it's all good.

>> focus.

>> we have 98 degrees on today and tomorrow we have new kids on the block .

>> it's been a lot of fun.

>> finally the announcement was official.

>> worst-kept secret in the world.

>> jimmy fallon is replacing jay leno on the " tonight show ." you wonder how they're going to handle it on air that night. it's one of those things, you're never quite sure how it's going to work out.

>> you can't ignore it.

>> so this is how leno and jimmy did it.

>> i want to congratulate, i can't to congratulate my good friend jimmy fallon . he is a hell of a guy, he's going to do a great job.

>> you guys probably heard the news i'm going to be taking over for the tonight show next february. but don't worry, until february our focus is right here on whatever this show is called. thanks to jay leno for being so gracious. i know this whole thing -- means so much to me to have his support. we wouldn't be there without your support, i love you so much, i love this job and i love -- coming in -- i just it, thank you so much.

>> a big mush.

>> how sweet.

>> it's been in the papers and everyone has been talking about it for so long. when i did the show last week -- nobody really knew if it was confirmed or not. i said what's the story. and he goes, basically his attitude was like, can you believe it? he's still like a little kid in the candy store . which is one of the nicest qualities jimmy has among many. you know it's like this attitude of, wow, this is really happening and wow i'm grateful for it and he's been a total class act through this whole thing. and leno said in a very funny statement. he said congratulations, jimmy. i hope you're as lucky as me. and hold onto the job until you're the old guy, if you need me, i'll be in the garage. he has his famous car collection.

>> jimmy kimmel --

>> i love what jimmy kimmel said.

>> this is how jimmy kimmel addressed it. take a look.

>> it's a big night in the world of late-night television as you probably heard. it was announced officially today, that starting in february of next year, after the olympics, i will take over as new host of the " tonight show " on nbc. i spoke to jay on phone today and he -- excuse me one second. okay, apparently it's a different jimmy that's going to be hosting the tonight show . are you sure? does anybody know what the return policy is on a yacht?

>> cute. i love what he tweeted. he said congratulations to my dear sweet jimmy fallon , a formidable rival and an incredible lover. letterman had to say something.

>> letterman did, too, everyone got in on the act. let's listen. we're just reading it? he said --

>> i got a call from my mom today and she says, well, david, i see you didn't get the " tonight show " -- again!

>> i like it when we do that.

>> i think it's much better than rolling sound bites . we're very busy being hip and happenin'.

>> i can't help myself. it just goes with the territory.

>> mtv wants a little kathie lee , there's a show called nikki and sara , live.

>> what is that?

>> it's not my demographic, i hadn't heard of it before, certainly not my age. it's hosted by these comediennes, nicky glazer and sara schaeffer. one of them was jimmy kimmel , one of his writers -- no, jimmy fallon 's writers for a while. they're adorable. you were invited but you couldn't do it. i was in a sketch based on "the hunger games." that's all you need to know .

>> that was the network. they loved the show.

>> naturally.

>> but -- they said they only have room in the budget for one host.

>> oh, nicky . you'll be missed.

>> they said it's up to us to decide who gets to stay. and they said something about maybe the odds be ever in your favor?

>> ten, nine, eight --

>> nicky , you would understand if you had read "the hunger games" like i had asked you.

>> oh, god, ha do you think you're doing?

>> hosting.

>> curb it a little bit.

>> backo, barbie, it's my show now. welcome back to nicky and sara like with your new, improved host, kathie lee gifford , who is better than kathie lee ? i'll tell you, nobody. because you're going to want to see if i actually let the girls interview cal 10, don't count on it. i love those girls because they didn't make me stick to the script. and i would love to go back any time with them. they were ready. you know how i am about that. i got there 15 minutes early. were waiting, they were ready. you know what took me the longest? just signing all the stuff after you've finished. you sign, i think i signed cody and cassidy away on tv. there's mounds of paperwork. that's what's wrong with our world, hoda.

>> but if you want to watch " sara and nikki" live they're on mtv at 10:00 p.m .

>>> beyonce was making a big announcement at 10:00 . she was saying get ready. she has released a new single called "grown woman" part of a pepsi commercial.

>> when she's being paid $30 million for?

>> that would be it.

>> let's watch it and see if we like it.

>> because she needs the money.

>> embrace your past, but live for now.

>> so all of those takes were from her old videos.

>> she's such a pro.

>> we've had the greatest artists in the world here for their concert series i've never seen anybody more precise than beyonce. you think am i really watching someone do that live. she's got the work ethic , boy, that's for sure.

>>> kevin ware , you guys remember he was the player -- i'm sorry, kevin ware , the coach from rutgers.

>> no, kevin ware is the one who hurt his leg.

>> you know what?

>> you are sleep dprised. hoda who sleeps like eight or nine hours a night, is now understanding what it's like to be a mother.

>> i got to tell you, i'm used to going to bed when i feel like it and waking up when it's convenient for me. oh, my god.

>> how do you like motherhood?

>> it's a puppy. but i got to tell you, you have to walk him at 10:00 or 10:30 at night.

>> he has to be in his crate.

>> and 4:00 a.m . he's going out again.

>> and it's going beautifully, isn't it?

>> he is the cutest. i don't mean to go on and on. he's the cutest dog.

>> you finally understand my love for my bambino. and lola.

>> i never got it really until --

>> i know.

>> he calms me down and he's the best dog in the world.

>> since bambino.

>> now playlist.

>> this is my favorite part of thursday. if you're looking for a song to add to your playlist when you're at the gym and you need a good beat, a good beat, it's this one. it's called -- conveniently "drinking from the bottle" by calvin harris .

>> how did i know that? let's hear it.

>> it's great in the gym, really.

>> some of this music, honestly, i'm so grateful for it, though, because so many people who don't know how to sing have been able to have music. they speak, they're not singing, that's what i'm saying, it's opened up a whole career for people who actually can't sing.

>> i'm telling you, there's nothing better than working out to this.

>> i'm being honest, that's not singing, that's talking.

>> but it's fun to dance to. i like dancing to talking.

>> is it okay or not okay to diss your ex in public? let's listen.

>> no, hoda, it's not okay under any circumstances, period. there are always two sides to every story an you should know.

>> my side and the right side.

>> no, it is not okay, no need to diss your ex in public. but when you have to vent, that's what your best friends are for.

>> i'm here for you, hoda. who do you want to talk about?

>> i'm having fun with those.

>> it's one of the best things you get get to do around here.

>> it's time for miss sara haines.

>> i'm just reminding everyone that we're having our joyful, the new series joyful cookoff. which we want healthy versions of classic recipes. this month it's lasagna. you go to our website and the top three people will do a cookoff on the show live and the grand prize winner, they will be featured on or website.

>> who decides who the winner is?

>> possibly not me.

>> joy?

>> do we have time for this, you guys?

>> we just did it.

>> we just did it.

>> and --

>> i apparently i had zoned out. i'm feeling for you. you zoned out because of the lack of sleep --

>> that's what i do.