TODAY   |  April 04, 2013

Putting a healthy spin on Latin dishes

Chef Ingrid Hoffman puts a healthy spin on dishes from her Latin heritage, cooking up Argentine stuffed rolled flank steak and rosemary butter beans from her cookbook “Latin D’Lite.”

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>>> this morning on "today's" kitchen, melting pot . a healthy spin on dishes from her heritage and she's here with recipes from her new cookbook " latin delight." good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i love this cookbook already because you're taking some of our latin favorites but making them lighter. and it's not typically known for being light.

>> here's where i'm going to show you it's actually doable. and i always like to say i like to save my calories for my cocktails.

>> okay.

>> my kind of girl.

>> we have cocktails in the book too and desserts. i don't believe in diets, i believe in eating cleaner. i chose to make an argentinian --

>> it's a flank steak , right?

>> it actually translates into hunger killer. it's a flank steak that we're going to finish opening like a book.

>> okay.

>> we cover it with plastic. if you want to get some stress out, go ahead and pound --

>> there we go. this is something your mom taught you.

>> my grandparents grew up in argentina.

>> even though you're from colombia.

>> we're from colombia. we had them dancing a lot of tango and a lot of argentinian food . i chose to stick this recipe in the book because it is also one of the recipes that mom used to bring us as kids into the kitchen and to make us play with our food, stuffing it which we're coming to. we have got to pick what we wanted --

>> at first you're going to marinate it.

>> we're going to stick it in milk.

>> why milk?

>> milk will soften you have the tissue. not everybody in argentina does it. i like doing it if i have the time. let's pretend we've soaked it, we've dried it, we've got it right here. now we're going to put --

>> everybody can get involved.

>> really have them pick the stuffing. this has got a little bit of thyme, a little bit of oregano. they generally use spinach. i'm doing swiss charred, just a little bit. go ahead and help me. onions, we've got some olives. we've got a little --

>> latin with the olives.

>> and this is something i'm adding the argentinians don't do. this is the spice pickled peppers.

>> okay.

>> now we put some egg. this is very traditional from the recipe. i love it because it adds that beautiful color to it, as well.

>> okay.

>> and now all we do is we fold it and roll it.

>> okay.

>> this is the part as the kid --

>> roll it on the side where all the stuffing is.

>> you roll it and all we do -- when you're pounding it, if you make a hole into when you're cutting it, no big deal . it's cooking. now we tie it. you can close that one up.

>> okay. i'll tie this on. you tie it like that and you're going to brown it.

>> that's all you do is brown it. we've got one ready to go here. nicely browned and here's where we're going to stick some flavor into it. we're going to do some beef stock . do vegetable broth. i'm doing some -- we've got onions for flavor. you can do this in the oven, as well. we've got some thyme and parsley, garlic.

>> let it simmer down.

>> we're going to let it simmer down. and some gravy, and here we come. and we're going to cut it. everybody always comes for the food.

>> you bet.

>> i love it.

>> we stay for the company.

>> we're going to cut this up and all of these recipes you can find in latin delight which hits bookstores nationally yesterday. we've got a version in english, a version in spanish. we've got cocktails.

>> she's cutting it.

>> and we've got cocktails in the book, as well. and we've got butter beans with rosemary and garlic. we've got an avocado salad and cilantro served in butter, soft lettuce and butter. and all we need to do is enjoy eating. thank you, guys.

>> thank you.

>> thank you.

>> and we have a new feature on our website where we're displaying the dishes you cook at home. if you can make this recipe or any recipes that you see here on "today," take a photo, tell us what it is, tweet it with the