TODAY   |  April 04, 2013

5 homes you can get for under $300,000

Real estate contributor Barbara Corcoran shows off five houses across the country that can be yours for $300,000 or less, from a Massachusetts home built in 1678 to a Spanish colonial in Arizona.

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>> on "today's" real estate, what you can get for $300,000 or less, from a spanish colonial to a home dating back to 1678 . we've got five great homes. our tour guide, of course, the "today" real estate contributor.

>> good morning, al.

>> let's start up in wisconsin. got a four bedroom home for $289,762.

>> you got that nailed. perfect. and this is, as you said, 1883 , you don't get to see a 300-year-old home. the only thing it needs is a snowman out front to make it perfect. the beautiful federal style trim that people seem to like and pay extra for. and inside, it's a meticulous home. you're going to see the gleaming hardwood floors shine. i think these people probably took a toothbrush to those floors. it's like just perfect condition. and considering it's a 300-year-old home, you just can't tell looking at it. the living room has oversized windows, extra wide --

>> i love the walls.

>> all those walls, of course, it's a house. okay.

>> beautiful.

>> add a little something.

>> the pictures, okay. the dining room is beautiful as you can see. you got me off my game here. you keep talking. go ahead. the kitchen has wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances and a large center island and got that eat sign on the wall in case you don't know what you're supposed to be doing in the room. and the family room is a bonus with french doors leading to the backyard. and remember, it's over 300 years old.

>> our technical director russ was there when they built it.

>> oh.

>> let's go to illinois. a four-bedroom home on the market for $295,000.

>> oh, and this is one of the oldest homes in the state. a lot of old homes here. 1678 , and it was built by one of the first settlers. the front parlor has wood floors, beam ceilings. and a peek of the inside right there. there you go. it's a very pretty home, designed to its day. the living room has lots of windows added over the years making it much lighter and sunnier than you'd expect in an old house. the dining room has a big fireplace, a built-in hutch, the kitchen is sunny yellow and it's so old-fashioned, you can almost picture that pilgrim sitting on the rocking chair. it's a very modern kitchen meticulous condition. out back, a sloped yard.

>> let's go to illinois, a four-bedroom home for $295,000.

>> this is a good deal home. it's a suburb southwest of chicago, not inexpensive market. and it has a very neat lawn and neat front siding. over 3,500 square feet big. the family room has wood floors and a fireplace. the room needs to be refurbished a little bit. the formal dining room is plain, but needs a bigger table to make it look the size it is. the wide open kitchen has white cabinets and unusual semicircular breakfast bar, which is different and cute. and the fully furnished big window basement. tons of room, has its very own bar.

>> we're going to head out to the west coast now. in washington. $299,000.

>> this is a neat and trim brown house , not a popular color to sell today. but it has jolly flowers out front and it's 30 miles from mt. rainier. and from the backyard of the house, you can see the mountain you can see forever as the song says. it has a large entrance foyer including four bedrooms and three baths. the great room with black curtains inside. for me, i'd feel i was living inside a hearse. but if they get rid of those curtains. it's a weird choice of curtains. the carpet on carpet look just never works well with buyers today. the loft area upstairs is big enough to house a full-size pool table. and the kitchen is well done and has dark wood cabinets and big granite tops, this house is $299,000.

>> is that the take away? if you've got wood floors, you should show them off?

>> definitely. if they need refurbishing, do it. nobody wants to buy your old carpet.

>> and our last place, we'll go to prescott, arizona, five-bedroom spanish colonial for $300,000 even.

>> it's a totally different style of a home. but let me point out front up that this is $1,500 a year taxes.

>> wow.

>> that's a year. this is a spanish colonial type home and it's in the old hills. and it's a house that has traditional archways, stucco walls, a red tile roof, a spanish tile architecture. whatever, it's a rug. it's all white living room with arch doorways, a fireplace and mountain views when you see this next room. gives you a peek at those mountain views. a lovely room. see that, and what about that tile floor. if that was a wood floor , that kitchen would be brought up into this century immediately. that's a silly thing to have those tiles there. the sun filled what they call the arizona room popular part of the country has a cathedral ceiling and glass doors leading to the back patio. again, needs new furnishings, a large sun deck on the second floor you get access by either of the two bedrooms upstairs and what is unusual and don't take for granted those lush green views. don't see those in arizona very often.