TODAY   |  April 04, 2013

Nearly half of women cohabitate before marriage

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including new federal data released today showing that what used to be known as “living in sin” is now common for many couples.

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>>> our "today's" take three. take one is the transition at the " tonight show ." the worst kept secret in show business . jimmy fallon announced yesterday will take over for jay leno . the confirmation coming, the transition will be next spring right after the winter olympics . and leno and fallon addressed the big news last night on their shows.

>> had a really awkward day today. had to call david letterman and tell him he didn't get the " tonight show " again. well today i accepted a new position. i'm going to be the head basketball coach at rutgers university .

>> this is " late night " with jimmy fallon , for now. i love you so much. i love you so much and i love this job and i love coming in. i just love doing it. thank you so much.

>> jimmy , got a little choked up. that's obviously a huge moment.

>> we're all big fans, of course, of jimmy and jay, as well. all of us are happy for jimmy , but we know that jay has a lot more opportunities ahead for him, as well.

>> yeah, i used to work in studio 6b where jimmy does his show now. they're going to be expanding that, putting in a balcony. it's going to go from 200 seats studio, major deal. which is where carson originally did --

>> are they taking over your dressing room then?

>> no, interestingly enough, when i did local news, my weather office with johnny carson 's bathroom. where i prepared the forecast, the king of comedy sat on the throne.

>> did you get any insights there?

>> i don't know if you want those insights. yep, people forget carson was here from '62 to '72. 40 years later, it returns to new york city .

>> great energy. it's going to be very cool to have -- it's going to be harder to get into 30 rock , that's one thing.

>> it all comes down to about us.

>> jay leno said yesterday in the interview, the main reason between this and the other time referring to four years ago with the conan transition is i'm part of the process . the last time he said the decision was made without me, i came to work one day and said you're out. this time it feels right. i think that's true. i think a lot of people feel that way inside the building and outside. jay had to go on his own terms. the other jimmy in late night jimmy kimmel , jimmy kimmel who will go head-to-head with fallon said congratulations to my dear, sweet jimmy fallon a formidable rival and an incredible lover.

>> that took an uncomfortable turn.

>> from jimmy to jimmy . and jay will be back out doing his thing. he does stand-up every weekend anyway. he'll be doing that.

>> continuing to work on his cars in his garage.

>> he's got almost a year left. plenty more jay to go here.

>>> our take two --

>> i want to interrupt. people don't realize what happens. take a look over here what goes on after a musical group finishes up, our crew now has to start breaking down and clearing this out so that, in fact, we can get ready for another --

>> and they try to do it as quietly as they can. we appreciate that.

>> they've already put 98 degrees in their boxes and moved them out.

>> they've been wheeled out.

>> they were put in cases, protective cases.

>> each one gets its own case.

>> very fragile.

>> this is our take two, we asked you about this one on twitter. first comes love, then comes cohabitation. it's the old question of, should you live together before you're married? or wait until you're married to live together?

>> feels like an old question from the last generation or couple generations ago. but there's new federal data out there used to be known as living in sin . we've been hearing from a lot of you about this on twitter. turns out for almost half of women ages 15 to 44, so for young women , their very first union was cohabitation. in other words, they lived together without being married. that's almost half of young women in this country l.

>> marriage was less than a quarter the first union was less than a quarter.

>> and when we asked this question on twitter, it was overwhelmingly like, are we really still talking about this?

>> i know.

>> to each his own. and a lot of people said, frankly, the divorce rate what it is out there, maybe it's a good idea to test drive the car before you buy.

>> we were very serious. i think it's a difference of just like moving in. we already knew it was headed in the direction of walking down the aisle. but, yeah, i think there is something to making sure that you know what you're getting. getting into.

>> absolutely. absolutely.

>> well, there's that old saying, though. a lot of traditionals will say why buy the cow when the milk is free? remember that whole thing?

>> that doesn't seem right. i'm going to say, i'm glad you said that.

>> i think i'm the only one who could say that.

>> yeah, thank you.

>> did you live together first?

>> we were already engaged and it was six months before we got married. so our -- you know, i had to -- i sold my place and deborah's lease was up, so we found the place.

>> it's funny you say that, it's always about logistics. for us, our leases were both up. we're going to get married soon.

>> you're spending at each other's house every night anyways.

>> take three, natalie's huge on this one.

>> i've got to get my jersey hair.

>> get ready for this one. rickey sambora . that's amazing.

>> what is going on with bon jovi ?

>> it's like a news person and all of a sudden it's snooki.

>> you can --

>> come on, i'm heart broken.

>> ritchie sambora has left bon jovi for the foreseeable future. the band says because of personal reasons. the reports say there's a simmering feud between ritchie and the lead man jon bon jovi .

>> there have been reports for a long time that's been happening behind the scenes . hard to imagine them not being together.

>> yeah.

>> they've been together for 30 years.

>> the band's not called sambora .

>> oh, team bon jovi over here.

>> i'm just saying. hello?

>> but bon jovi has always included everybody. can you imagine living on a prayer without that guitar?

>> oh, your mike --

>> higher.

>> i don't have a voice. we already talked about this this week.

>> but it doesn't stop you. you continue to sing.

>> completely uninhibited.

>> yes.

>> i admire your courage.

>> come on, can we do this whole hour in karaoke style from now on? i'm