TODAY   |  April 04, 2013

Hugh Dancy talks about new TV series ‘Hannibal’

The actor talks about his starring role in the new NBC drama “Hannibal,” in which he portrays an FBI profiler who works with the infamous serial killer Hannibal Lecter.

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>> " hannibal " premieres tonight. and we have one of the stars with us.

>> nice to see you.

>> did you bring your slicker and your hat? the waterfall swing is available. hannibal is stirring a lot of excitement already. "people" magazine gave it 4 out of 4 stars saying you will eat it up and ask for more calling it nbc's best drama in forever.

>> are you gratified to see how much the critics are loving the show already?

>> yeah. i get it secondhand because i try not to read them. self-preservation. i hear we're going down very well.

>> let's make sure people understand. this is the story of the time before hannibal was known as a nut job. who do you play?

>> i play the guy that hasn't figured it out yet. will graham is my character. he's an fbi profiler. i end up inadvertently working with animals. he's out, he's on the street. we don't know what he gets up to and he's a psychiatrist.

>> your character is a little bit off, right? how would you describe him?

>> well, he finds it very easy to kind of walk in the shoes of violent criminals, which is obviously an uncomfortable gift.

>> this is a pretty creepy character. when you finished shooting, did you have a little trouble coming down?

>> no, going home is one of the best parts of the day. no, i love it. it's a great job, a brilliant cast, lawrence fishburne , really wonderful script. no, i go home happy.

>> when you call it " hannibal ," everybody knows what they're getting.

>> thank you so much. nice to see you.

>> you can catch the premiere tonight on nbc at 10:00 /9:00 central time .