TODAY   |  April 04, 2013

Matt, Savannah don raincoats to test waterfall swing

TODAY’s Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie cautiously try out the Waterfall Swing, an interactive art installation invented by Brooklyn-based design team Andrew Ratcliff, Michael O’Toole, and Ian Charnas.

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it is time to try the waterfall swing. but first, let's find out a little bit more about it. good morning to all of you r.

>> good morning.

>> you've all signed a contract vowing we will not get one bit wet, right? tell me about the idea behind the waterfall swing.

>> well, it was a concept we were trying to come up with a project that we could take and do some summer festivals with. and we were really excited about water and that kind of came into me and ian ran through this way to digitally print it and do different things and he drew out to put a swing through it.

>> while we may get a sprinkle or two, the idea is not to get sopping wet. how much trial and error was this?

>> took a fair amount. i got completely doused. just getting that timing right was a tricky thing. these guys are very smart and figured it out.

>> are you ready?

>> which side do i get?

>> you're on that side. we discussed it and that's what we decided.

>> go around the other side. okay.

>> okay.

>> okay. all right.

>> all right. yeah.

>> yep.

>> okay.

>> all right.

>> the seat's nice and wet.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> here it goes.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> i'm getting wet.

>> oh, my gosh. well, i got one splash.

>> are you getting wet?

>> i got one splash. how about you?

>> it's not so bad, actually.

>> no, it's kind of fun.

>> what are the long-term plans for this thing?

>> guys?

>> we want to do more tours with it.

>> mike, what's the plan for this?

>> hey, savannah, did you ask if we're going to be able to get these in our backyard one day?

>> we're working on it.

>> i'm getting nauseous.

>> are you?

>> do i have to wait for gravity to bring me down?

>> sure.

>> can you tell us about that?

>> we have been taking it around and doing a lot of different festivals and --

>> we got a lot of attention out of nowhere.

>> how do i get off this thing?

>> keep going.

>> all right. now just turn it on full-time. guys, thank you very much for bringing it here. it looks really cool. and savannah, we'll get you down in 15, 20 minutes .