TODAY   |  April 04, 2013

Blogger turned author: Don’t take no for an answer

Kelly Oxford started blogging before a lot of people knew what the Internet was, and later gained a massive Twitter following of over 450,000. She talks about some of the comical stories in her new book, “Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar,” including the time she went to L.A. to “find Leonardo DiCaprio.”

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>> now an author, her new book is called "everything's perfect when you're a liar." nice to see you.

>> good morning.

>> you tweeted the other day. you said see me at bookends, new jersey, the next morning i will likely die live on the "today" show. so this is everyone's last chance. what's your big fear?

>> just this is like crazy out of my box being on this show right now.

>> really?

>> yeah.

>> you like sitting down behind a keyboard.

>> i don't mind one-on-one, when i'm not getting the questions over and over . when i can ask you questions and soak it in.

>> that's a whole other segment.

>> we'll do that off camera.

>> if you do die, you've left instructions for your fans. one, stuff my bra for me, play the gameover theme from super mario brothers , have george clooney and ryan gosling dance me into the room. and finally pretend it's for me.

>> yes, my family will do all of those things.

>> you want a grand sendoff.

>> well, why wouldn't you? you plan parties when you're alive, why wouldn't you plan your funeral to be some great thing?

>> tell me about the title of the book. why is everything perfect when you're a liar?

>> i don't think that anybody's life is perfect. and the society really puts a strain on making things look idyllic and perfect. and there's a certain way to do things throughout your life. and i think that's what causes a lot of anxiety and people like me being anxious here. i really want to get this right, which is stupid.

>> no, it's good. you're a perfectionist.

>> and you have to lie to make things look perfect.

>> so are you lying in this book? you tell a lot of wild stories.

>> no, those are all true stories and crazy and stupid and idiotic things i've done i wanted to share.

>> you write about how you spent a weekend in las vegas with david copperfield . was it magic?

>> no, it was magical. absolutely. it was fun.

>> what can you tell us about that?

>> well, we -- i went with my friends and my husband, he invited us down. i needed to write an essay for the book. i needed to fill some space. he invited us down, we went to his museum and it was crazy. interesting.

>> you auditioned to be a model, got rejected and then snuck back into the callbacks to convince the scouts they didn't know what they were missing. did you eventually get the job?

>> yeah, but i was never really a real model ever. i just -- i just feel like if there's no -- if it isn't against the law and you want to do something, you shouldn't have somebody tell you no. so they didn't think i was model material and i tried to prove to them i was, try to push it as far as i can until -- basically they accepted me.

>> that idea of not letting people tell you no. you're a mother of three, is that a lesson you want your kids to learn?

>> yeah, and i think they learn it from seeing --

>> by osmosis.

>> yeah.

>> what's the craziest thing you've ever done that's legal and you can talk about on morning television?

>> probably -- for me, it's this, being on this show. i know that sounds so lame. maybe at the time it didn't seem crazy, going to l.a. to find leonardo dicaprio when i was like 17, 18.

>> yeah, explain this. this was before he was uber famous, before "titanic."

>> yeah, i really wanted to date him.

>> you thought you were soul mates .

>> i thought we were soul mates and i thought we had a connection and "titanic" was coming out and i knew that was going to be the point where once it was out, he would be an a-lister.

>> it was a make or break moment for you, went out to meet leo. how did it work out for you?

>> it didn't work out for me. if i would have found him --

>> you would have convinced him?

>> i was cute teenage girl. and he wasn't super famous, it would have been okay.

>> he would've been up for that?

>> yeah.

>> your kids, do they have your sense of humor?

>> yeah, they're way funnier than me. they're ridiculous.

>> the book, i love the title. i had it on my desk, i thought, when is she coming in? it's nice to finally meet you. and thanks for tweeting about me last night and i didn't die.

>> i might die after i stand up.

>> "everything is perfect when you're