TODAY   |  April 03, 2013

5 wardrobe changes to flatter your figure

Style expert Lindsay Albanese shows how women of various body types can flatter their figures through such suggestions as avoiding busy prints,  wearing peplum-style dresses, and choosing tops with thicker straps.

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>>> time now for today's style, great spring fashion to hide your figure flaws.

>> if you're a woman, you probably have a problem area. we have affordable dresses to help flatter your figure.

>> so we all have our issues. why don't we start off with the full tush.

>> or often known as a big butt.

>> talk about the before picture.

>> michelle definitely has a little extra love in the trunk. we don't want to hide it, but flatter it.

>> show us, michelle.

>> marshall's ensemble. don't be scared of prints, just pick larger prints. this is a dress, $39.99.

>> looks great.

>> i paired a summer staple, denim shirr, belted at the waist. very nice.

>> and marshall's has incredible designer finds. this look is about $100.

>> thank you.

>> the full middle is -- this is olivia 's before picture.

>> olivia , yes, she tends to have a little love in the midsection, so, you wouldn't think of peplum, but actually we put her in a peplum dress here. this is kohl's, $60. it crazy a waist, and then conceal a bit of a pooch, and feel more comfy.

>> and all being one color monochromatic.

>> this is available on i paired it with patel accessories.

>> i love those shoes. olivia , thank you.

>>> if you're a little busty --

>> yes.

>> as joleen is.

>> big mama here.

>> and her biggest strength is her full chest makes her look bigger than she actually is. as you can see here, i put her in a dress. this is t.j. maxx , a fashion playground. i love their designer finds. the key is kind of stay away from strapless dresses, because you can go into -- so the keep is to balance out proportions, fuller sleeve top, and then we're belting the waist, keeping her shape, and yeah, then a t-strap sandal is always very slimming.

>> and her toes match her dress.

>> of course they do.

>> again the whole look is under $150.

>> what? is that possible?

>> thank you, sweetie.

>> thank you.

>>> now we have zach. some women have tall, broad shoulders, and she's here in a strappy dress.

>> i don't think anybody's going to feel sorry for her.

>> she has the tall and beautiful.

>> she particular about her broad shoulders. we have her in a gorgeous loft dress, 79.50. they're known for the fun, feminine silhouettes, and pell balance out her proportions. we're showing legs, we're showing arms and belting it at the waist to keep her proportioned, streamlined. yes, this ultimately just wants that tall frame we have.

>> beautiful. thank you.

>> finally the pear shape is something that people struggle with.

>> pear-shaped girls are typically a size or more bigger on the bottom than the top.

>> i don't see a pear shape .

>> well, that's because i'm a stylist.

>> i see audrey hepburn .

>> i gave her the ultimate -- this is the lauren conrad collection, and when you're pear-shaped keep it nice and fitted. you like the skirt to kind of skim rather than hug and cling. ultimately it's flattering.

>> let's bring our ladies out.