TODAY   |  April 03, 2013

Yikes! Baby is startled by her own reflection

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off the photos that make you do double takes, such as a yard sale sign that’s positioned close to a graveyard and a baby who is comically startled at the sight of her own reflection.

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>>> and up next, the photos to make you laugh.

>>> what the what.

>> you know what this is?

>>> "today" on nbc.

>>> it's time for "what the what?" we check the photos that you send in.

>> the very best of the bunch, which means all of them.

>> i sure did. the first is the photo caption contest from last week. the caption is actually from sherry thomas tindall. what did you expect? i'm too short to ring the doorbell.

>> that's adorable.

>>> photo from heather chapin from norfolk, virginia, restricted breeding area, zoo employees only. nice they allowed for that sectional work.

>> makes the time go by.

>> sure does.

>> next photo from peter beakman from waverly. beer is now cheaper than gas, so drink, don't drive.

>> absolutely.

>> the next wen from gen you have brown.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> should you call it an estate sale maybe?

>> that's funny.

>> the last one from emily from --

>> she found herself.

>> girl, i know what kind of day you're having.

>> when i see myself naked, that is what i do, too.

>>> the new photo for next week is from abby alexandre.

>> is. he's in the shower. put in your best caption. we may announce it next week.

>>> thank you, sarah. we hated leaving you to the end, but it was so worth