TODAY   |  April 03, 2013

9 apps, gadgets, sites to help spring cleaning

Carley Knobloch from Digitwirl shares a collection of nifty gadgets, apps and websites that will help you take spring cleaning to the next level, including a gutter-cleaning robot, a toothbrush sanitizer, and a style app that creates a photo archive of your wardrobe.

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>>> its time for today's tech and gage either, the web sites and gizmos to kick your spring cleaning into gear.

>> we're here with everything from smart washers to smartphone sanitizers. hey.

>> hi. i just start add load here. i'm trying to multitask while i'm on air. we're going to start with the mac daddy of washing machines . you could love laundry with this. this is the lg smart thing washing machine . it means more laundry.

>> it's working.

>> it's on.

>> but you have a clicker?

>> there's -- its you can -- there's nothing in it? that's wasteful.

>> i will put this load in later.

>> it has an app. to monitor the cycle. you can be at the grocery store, turn this on, set it up.

>> stop it.

>> it's fantastic.

>> helps you clean the gutters if you have them.

>> if you're on top of the gutters, it's dirt counter and dangerous, this is the luge from irobot. and then press this up.

>> wait a minute. excuse me.

>> all the leaves somebody flying out. you can stay on the ground and be safe. 299.

>> you're supposed to wear glasses.

>> now you tell us.

>> so this is a dustpan that has been invented by people that are way smarter than the rest of us have, from quirky. called the broom groomers. the first feature that's happening, you can step on it. push it through the com and the dust bunnies stay in the pan.

>> brilliant, and i didn't have to do it.

>> cell phones get grut. you can clean them with uv light . this is the vio-light cell phone cleaner. put the cage on, it kills 95% of the germs and bacteria. this is a brush from oxo. it helps you get in the kreficses.

>> there's a lot of muck in there.

>> you know, when you eat or something --

>> yeah, don't do that.

>> gazelle will have you sell your old junk. you send it in, how big the hard drive is, and they give you cash.

>>> coming up, the fashion side, for all your figure flaws. hoda doesn't have any at