TODAY   |  April 03, 2013

6 beauty makeovers in 2 minutes or less

Women are going to great lengths nowadays to look good, but a lot of beauty treatments can add up to cash and time you don’t have. Beauty and style expert Jene Luciani shares beauty tips that will save you time and money.

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>> this morning on "today's beauty" looking good in two minutes or less. jennae is here with us to save you time and money. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> can you get the same results at home you would get at the salon?

>> we're not saying replace your stylist, we love our stylist. if you need a quick fix, something in between, garnier has a new hair color , two reasons it's 100% ammonia free which at home hair colors previously didn't have. that's huge in the industry and also it contains a gloss. after you color your hair and you get chemical treatments and it gets a little damaged and you want a deep conditioner, spending more money, you have it.

>> all the rage now is this ombre look, where the hair starts off dark and gets lighter at the end.

>> and chllow khloe kardashian did it. it's subtle now and the feria kit you can do it at home. we tried it on my assistant amy here who has never colored her hair ever before, first time.

>> beautiful.

>> she was able to do it herself, took about an hour and again like saving tons of money like $12.

>> a light hint of color at the end looks great. thank you. next we'll talk about what we put inside our bodies, and it's equally as important, what goes on ultimately make you looks beautiful on the outside as well.

>> it's not all just about the creams and the stuff you put on your skin like you mentioned. we always here have to take vitamins and gelatin for our nails and these things but the big thing right now are these super foods which are like things you probably never heard of, macarood and purple corn. this is the big trend because these things are so good for you, so this youth h2o contains all of these amazing things like a beauty and wellness shot in one you take every day.

>> they call it an age defying system.

>> right, exactly.

>> grab it for us.

>> it actually helps you glow from the inside out through all of these super foods it contains t has tons of vitamin c , really good for you.

>> one a day?

>> one a day.

>> apparently doesn't taste all that great i'm told.

>> it's got good things in it, so.

>> it's not terrible. little cough syrupy.

>> you can't have it all.

>> it's the aftertaste.

>> replacing all those bottles of vitamins you take every day.

>> got to be good for you, with that taste. next replacing botox or some of the other things.

>> timeless and youthful.

>> we love botox is great for what it's worth but for the average woman she wants something that she can put on every day, so i found this by oxidea.

>> who wants the cold compresses and the advil that goes with the bodox.

>> this miracle max has botox stimulators in it and the day i used it, amy who you saw with the hair came in the next day and asked me if i had gotten botox. i was like no. it tightens your skin.

>> you peel it off? that is the mouth and face part.

>> what's great is instead of putting a cream on your face that dries on your face and essentially does nothing, this sits on your face for 30 minutes and rub it in, go to bed with it and when you wake up you have that refreshed look.

>> okay, as long as you don't scare your husband, that's fine.

>> i know, show you how to apply it there.

>> a lot of women apply your makeup and it never lasts and you're caking it all on. you'll show us something new that allows your makeup to last longer.

>> this is skinnedinaiva makeup finishing spray. despite the name you can put it on before you put your makeup on as a primer, then you put your makeup on and spray it and we're going to do it in a minute. they use the steamer to test this product and also lady gaga uses it on tour so you know it works. she's like dancing, sweating. as we get into the summer it's important. so i was going to just steam your face.

>> the things i do.

>> and then natalie you can spray me.

>> close your eyes . once it dries apparently you look misty and dewy right now.

>> i get shiny, and especially if you have makeup on all day. this is great.

>> and i think we're out of time.

>> oh, gee.

>> we got more on our website, thank you so much.

>> thank you so much.

>> i see it now it's