TODAY   |  April 03, 2013

How to make family heirlooms modern

Treasured keepsakes don’t have to be old-fashioned; with a little creativity, they can add new life to any room. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman of Southern Living shows how you can turn old brooches, antique vases, and other objects into modern décor.

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>>> to add new life to any room. kimberly whitman is an editor at large for " southern living " magazine.

>> thank you.

>> take stuff that's been hanging around, repurpose it and freshen things up around the house at the same time.

>> they bring back great memories but maybe they don't necessarily fit your personal style.

>> scarves, things like that you can repurpose.

>> this was an old house coat , an old rug and scarf. maybe you have great memories of your grandmother running around in the house coat , you buy a simple pillow form and lay it out. this one is smaller than the pillow but you can use a solid border, if you like to sew you can do it on your own or take it to a tailor.

>> just what guys love more pillows.

>> they have to take off the bed and put down. also broaches and jewelry. they were in style, our mothers or grandmothers wore them a lot but what a wonderful way to honor a mother or aunt but gluing their broach to a picture frame and putting a picture of them inside. it's so easy i can do it with you now. we have a great picture here, a broach, we'll put hot glue on the frame, very hot and we stick it on there. isn't that pretty?

>> you let it set and you're done.

>> you let it sit and you're done. this one i need to move up but it's a nice touch.

>> personalizes it.

>> you can buy an inexpensive frame and add this personal touch. lot of brides are pinning broaches or family heirlooms to their bouquets and carrying them down the aisle.

>> i have a ton of vases from family members. you say you can let there be light .

>> i like that, let there be light . we've converted the vases into lamps.

>> how hard is that?

>> it's very easy. if you're not handy it's simple. you can buy the lamp kits, inexpensive at the hardware store, you can attempt to do it on your own if it's a symmetrical save. if you're using a witcher, you may want to take it to the professional, not ex-steamily expensive and you get a fresh, new shade, something to give it a more modern touch or add a little bit of color and stick it on that and voila you're done.

>> my motto if it can kill me i'll get a professional do it. i'm going to take the vase and have somebody else do it. this on the other hand is not going to kill me.

>> you can do this, maybe your grandmother or uncle's old pocket squares you want to frame, these are simple square frames and i like this, if you have a modern home or if your personal style is more modern, this looks almost like modern art . we put the pocket squares and hang them up in a design that suits you.

>> this next idea i find fascinating.

>> i'm glad you like this.

>> this is cool, could you take family pictures or heirlooms, letters and there's a company that turns them into wallpaper.

>> it's online, $60 you get a whole roll of wallpaper which will do half of a bathroom. you scan in maybe old wedding invitation , old love letter , some old photographs and will print it on fabric or wallpaper.

>> you certainly wouldn't want to do a whole room.

>> but an accent wall would be great to have. this is a collage of wedding announcements, pictures and portraits. fun way to get them up on the wall.

>> i love the banners, too.

>> this is great for a family reunion , someone's major birthday, anniversary, take an old picture and get it in a banner and honor them on the wall.

>> kimberly thank you so much, great ideas from " southern living " magazines and great idea to