TODAY   |  April 03, 2013

Boost your confidence by taking fashion risks

If you ever thought, “I can’t wear that!” it’s time to think again. Lucky magazine’s Lori Bergamotto demonstrates how you can get a boost of confidence by wearing some of the fashion trends you never thought would look good.

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>>> and this morning on requesting today's style" taking a fashion risk, if you ever thought i can't wear that, well guess again. "lucky" magazine's lori bergamoto has the tools to show you how. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> a lot of folks think i can never get myself in that or never want to see myself in that. how can you move on with confidence?

>> it's all about taking small risks with a big payoff. i'll show you what i mean when we get to the girls.

>> let's get started. we have four models, real women mind you

>> all women.

>> real issues and they think they can't wear these things. starting off with amanda and jeans. let's show you the outfit she came in this morning. she hates wearing jeans.

>> she has a petite body and curvy and felt like jeans never fit her the right way and gaps in weird places. we found her a great pair of jeans.

>> perfect cut.

>> bootcut is universally flattering from the gap, under $70 and here's the tip for women at home, you want to find jeans with stretch. the more stretch you have the more they will conform to your body because it is difficult, not everybody's cut the same way.

>> some people worry the stretch may hug them in the wrong places.

>> it won't especially with a bootcut. when you're mixing prints like we did on top with the nick and zoe floral tank, and the loft piece over it, she's a proportioned hourgas, gorgeous.

>> amanda you should rock those jeans and definitely keep wearing them, thank you. next wearing a slim pencil skirt , a lot of women say it's not a look that maybe i could wear and katie our model was one of those women. here is katie this morning, what she came in.

>> katie just before we went on was saying i love this pencil skirt . she was afraid to wear it because she is curverier on the bottom. this is from macy's under $80 and what we did was found one that had black panels on the side, creates an optical illusion of slimming and portion and a fun print down the middle, keeps it stylish and on trend and one that doesn't cut too close into your knee. for layering the old navy chambray shirt and threw the h&m leather vest over it and the shoes everyone's been talking about,, under $100, give her a pop of color.

>> katie you look great. you, too, keep wearing the pencil skirts looks good on you. up next, darya. this is a lady like a lot of us you want to be more buttoned up, afraid to show some skin. and you showed, you're showing us how darya can get away with the look.

>> the bravest soul here this morning in the chillier temperatures.

>> not the day to show a lot of skin on the plaza.

>> darya is doing it beautifully. we didn't put her in spaghetti straps and mini skirt . we wanted to go sleeveless, keep everything else buttoned up, gave her a fun print and that shirt and the skirt is a fit and flair, the silhouette, you showing skin but the skirt is under $80 and even with her shoe if you're going to wear a skirt that skims your thigh wear flats. those are under $100, and even her flats have a pointed toe and cutouts on the side that elongates her legs.

>> last but not least flaunting the killer curves. lot of women don't feel like they can do that, conservative, and here we have with us alison before.

>> i love alison . she has such great body confidence. if you're not a size two and a lot of us aren't, alison is a great example. what we did here she was more form fitting but covered up with a cardigan and a blazer. you can do it faisfully. tastefully. the dress is $18 at h&m and paneling on the side. optical illusion and pumps under $100.

>> ladies you look great. lori bergamotta thank you. come back for one last look. we look confident and amazing.