TODAY   |  April 03, 2013

Inside the homes of Cheryl Tiegs, Larry David

TODAY real estate contributor Barbara Corcoran provides a sneak peek inside some of the celebrity homes for sale across the country, including Larry David’s 1950s mansion in California and Cheryl Tiegs Bel Air estate.

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>>> all right, savannah thanks. "today's real estate " and a peek inside some celebrity homes that are now for sale. barbara corcoran is "today's" real estate contributor.

>> good morning, matt.

>> we're crisscrossing the country, right here in new york city , this is a beautiful apartment owned by jon bon jovi and his wife, dorothea. i've been inside this apartment it's spectacular.

>> i'm going to sell it to you.

>> way above my price area.

>> this is a tremendously high priced home, $42 million, it's almost double the next highest priced home in soho so it is way off the charts as far as the pricing. i'm dying to find out if they get it. he was originally asking $45 million and done a great reduction of $42 million.

>> it's ,500 square feet , rare to get that in that area. talk to us about the neighborhood.

>> the neighborhood is phenomenal, it's soho, new york, it used to be less expensive than west village in manhattan. the epicenter of high priced purchases. now it's on two levels, got three terraces, five bedrooms and in a pre-war landmark protected building. that alone almost doubles the value of this. that's one of the three terraces right there.

>> you get to say you live in an apartment owned by a legitimate rock star , $42 million. let's move on, we're going to go out to the west coast and see a home owned by larry david , of course the famous funnyman of "seinfeld" and "curb your enthusiasm" fame. this house he's selling on the market for what $15 million?

>> exactly and to my eye it doesn't look like a bad deal. this style of this home is like funky tudor all the way, you'd swear you're in the english country side . 10,000 square feet , there are the beams there. ironically this will be a hard house to sell.

>> why?

>> look at the beams, high ceilings but you don't think so. lot of the space is chopped up and feels miniature even though it's a large house .

>> great patio, it has a guest house out back.

>> and the guest house is almost like you're living in an upside down boat. i love that place. i'd dump the old house and keep the boathouse and live there happily ever after. there's a beautiful picture of the whole groinunds that comes with the property.

>> pacific palisades a beautiful neighborhood.

>> and cheaper than beverly hills .

>> that was on the market for $15 million. little inland, going to bel air , a home owned by supermodel cheryl tiegs .

>> that door says don't go in but wait until you go inside and see what you get. every piece of the house is unique. tremendous ceiling yet intimate space. when you see a shot of the living room you'll see how pretty this house is. she spent a lot of money fur furbushing it.

>> i like the dining room a long room but a complete wall of windows.

>> not only the wall of windows but outside those windows in every window you have total privacy and beautiful views even as far as the ocean, what's wrong with that garden? it's heaven on earth .

>> it does look perfect. it's not a huge piece of property, about an acre and a half but it's like a tropical paradise.

>> it's a ripe acre and a half and in l.a. a lot of the houses do not come with lots of acreage.

>> a house owned by joel shoe maccer of "st. elmo's fire" director and "batman" movies.

>> this is an hour and a half of l.a., people go to the area not because it's an easy commute with the traffic, it ain't for sure but this house has total privacy. inside it looks to me like a beautiful ski chalet. this house has wide open space , easily renovatable. i thought it was a rug store when i saw it. it's the entrance gallery. each to their own i'm sure that's expensive art on the wall. somebody will paint over that thing the minute they walked in.

>> he said he wanted a rustic look with modern accomplishments.

>> there you've got it. more modern appliances in the uncomfortable kitchen, it's big and spacious and a beautiful library. the house is cozy, got a lot of space and light.

>> did i mention the price on this one?

>> no, you didn't mention the price, a cheap $7.25 million. you could pick it up as a spare problem no problem for you.

>> stop, stop. barbara nice to see you. thank you very much.