TODAY   |  April 03, 2013

Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden team up for women’s rights

They may become political rivals in the 2016, but for now Hillary Clinton and vice president Joe Biden are teaming up with a shared commitment to women’s rights. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports and NBC’s Chuck Todd discusses the possibility of Biden and Clinton running against each other in 2016.

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>>> hillary clinton and vice president joe biden shared the stage last night at what could be a preview of the 2016 democratic presidential race . nbc's andrea mitchell is in washington with that story. andrea, good morning.

>> good morning, savannah. hillary clinton and joe biden an unlikely pair of headliners at a global women's organization that clinton had founded 14 years ago. they are bound together by a shared commitment to women's rights, even though as you point out they could well end up as political rivals. two undeclared potential candidates on the same stage before a powerful audience of women activists. hillary clinton was undeniably the event's rock star saying she felt right at home.

>> we've shared struggles and successes and even some fox holes over the years. it's a little bit like a family reunion .

>> reporter: joe biden was invited to honor three heroic brothers from india who have been fighting the scourge of rape.

>> these men have shown courage for putting the power of brotherhood to work on behalf of women and children .

>> reporter: clearly eager to tamp down the political speculation, they were quick to praise each other.

>> vice president biden and i have worked together on so many important issues and i know what a personal victory it was for him to see the violence against women act reauthorized last month.

>> there's no woman like hillary clinton . hillary clinton , that's a fact.

>> reporter: still some clinton allies are already setting expectations.

>> i think the time has come for a woman president, the only one on the horizon who could fill that role is hillary clinton .

>> do you think she has it in her to run another tough campaign?

>> i think she can do whatever she sets her mind to doing.

>> reporter: putting the vice president in the awkward position of waiting for clinton to decide. and for now clinton will be making appearances including at a women's summit in new york on friday, plus giving some paid speeches working on a memoir, clearly in no hurry to jump back into the political fray.

>> andrea mitchell in washington thank you. chuck todd is nbc's political director and white house correspondent.

>> good morning.

>> so much talk of hillary clinton as an inevitable candidate. hasn't she heard this talk say in 2008 and someone named barack obama came along?

>> exactly and i think that is always going to be the question that goes through her mind, it's why everybody around her is always very cautious in saying yes, we're doing everything we can to put her in a position if she wants to run, everything and the table is set but you have to ask yourself, what is she thinking? everything everybody's told her before told her now, is tell her now about this race they've told her before and that is what's sitting in her head and does she want to go through this again? it's never easy. no matter how inevitable somebody tells you you are.

>> everyone says hillary clinton would be a field clearing candidate for democrats, nobody gets in if she's in. would you say that also includes vice president joe biden who has made no secret of his presidential ambitions?

>> look, i do think somebody will get in. i do not think joe biden would run against her. i think that he would -- there's too many of the big donors they would share, there's too many of those things. joe biden is definitely preparing to run. you see little things , he says yes to every interest constituency group that the democrats have, they want him to make a speech, he's there to do it, but if she runs, he's not going to do this. he wants to run, don't get me wrong. he wants to run but he's only the front-runner if she doesn't run.

>> chuck todd , 33 months until the iowa caucuses , chuck.

>> good. you want to do this every day?

>> we'll talk to you soon, thank you.